Wednesday 31 March 2021

Rainbow of colors and patterns of Bengal cats

 This is a nice photograph from F1 Savannahs in Los Angeles, California, USA. It is described by them as "all the colours of Bengals". It actually isn't but it is a damned good photograph nonetheless. These cats are amazing in their variety of colours and patterns. You have super-high contrast solid spots and donuts (doughnuts - spots with holes in the middle) with a three silver cats and three golden brown cats of different shades. Awesome breeding. 

Rainbow of colors and patterns of Bengal cats
Rainbow of colors and patterns of Bengal cats. Photo: F1Savannahs

At least some of them look like second filial Bengal cats which means they have a lot of wild cat Asian leopard cat DNA in them, if I'm correct. They may all be F2s but I am not sure.

I have a full page on the Bengal cat and many other pages on this popular cat breed so I won't go over the same ground here. If you'd like to explore more please click here (a range of pages on the Bengal cat coat) and here (a single comprehensive page) and here for a range of pages on the breed. Thanks.

I am not affiliated to this breeder. I just like the photograph. I am not keen on cat breeding of any sort to be honest as in this world were there are too many unwanted cats in rescue shelters it seems wrong to me and many others. But it is democracy and capitalism and we have to respect it. 

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