Shaggy Maine Coon caricature on cat exercise wheel

A characture of a Maine Coon - super-large with overly long fur
A caricature of a Maine Coon - super-large with overly long fur. Pic: Pinterest.

caricature of a Maine on a cat exercise wheel which he dwarfs because of his size. This is a strange and large cat looking like a shaggy Maine Coon. This cat looks like a lynx but it is not. The fur length is too long for a Maine Coon. The ear tufts are correct. The tufts of hair sticking out between the toes are correct but outrageously long. The cat is a characture of the real thing. A living cartoon character of a Maine Coon.

Apologies for misspelling caricature in the first attempt! Working too fast.

Here is the video. No doubt it will go wrong at some time in the future as they nearly always do. If it does not work try clicking on this link.


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