Monday 8 March 2021

8 cat tense cat rescues provokes admiration for the rescuers

I am in awe of these people. The guy who is walking his dog and decides to swim across a canal fully clothed to rescue a cat perched on a pole on the opposite side. He didn't set out that afternoon to go for a swim in a canal in his clothes. He did it to save the cat and I suspect he did it without a second thought. And the cat disappears without a second thought as well!

8 cat tense cat rescues provokes admiration for the rescuers
8 cat tense cat rescues provokes admiration for the rescuers. Screenshot.

And the guy who climbed a tree to fetch down a cat. See the camera pointing down towards the ground. I don't have a head for heights and that viewpoint disturbs me! I certainly couldn't do this but he did it with a smile on his face. His patience was awesome. And when he came down he just said to the lady "You're welcome".

And what about the young woman who, without compunction, without thinking about it for more than a couple seconds, climbed into a roadside drain to fetch out a kitten because no doubt she heard the squeaks and squeals of this cute and vulnerable animal stuck down the drain. 

Perhaps the kitten was washed into that drain by a storm. This woman is kindhearted and brave. She has courage and I suspect that the majority of people would not do this. They simply wouldn't have wherewithall or courage and determination and commitment to attempt it. She did and I am in awe of her.

I stopped there on the video but please see it all. These are men and women who we have to admire. They have a sensitivity towards animals which is admirable. They take risks to save animals. On the face of it they are like anybody else but perhaps they are not. Perhaps they're more courageous. These are the people who should be rewarded with praise and recognition.

Sometimes it bugs me to see civil servants and politicians getting awards and recognition when really, in truth, the people who should get rewarded are those invisible and anonymous people at the bottom of the pile who grind out the days and years surviving and occasionally do wonderful things as you see in this video. It doesn't have to be a cat rescue or a dog rescue. It can be any other charitable deed.

Often these deeds go unrecognised. These are the people who should be rewarded by governments. They are the ones who should be on pedestals to be admired. Not the bullshitting, networking elite who never fall, never fail even if they do fail. They end up with a damn good pension and in the UK they end up in the House of Lords.

P.S. Meghan Markle likes to rescue animals. In her interview with Oprah Winfrey the Duchess added: "I just love rescuing". Her two dogs, Guy and Pula, are rescue dogs.

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