Tuesday 2 March 2021

Ginger tabby helps guy recover from drug addiction

He said, on Reddit.com, that Pete, his ginger tabby cat companion, has "been the best emotional support kitty that I could ever have."

Ginger tabby helps guy recover from drug addiction
Ginger tabby, Pete, helps guy recover from drug addiction. Photo: Reddit.com

He said that he is an addict in long-term recovery and his beautiful, laid-back, ginger boy is helping him on that long road. It's a great story for both of them. I've always thought that ginger tabbies are perhaps the best for this role. They tend to be a bit alpha-male, and in control. They are also laid-back. That, of course, is if you believe that a cat's coat type can be linked to their character and I think it can.

You know what they say about tortoiseshell cats having catitude! What I think the opposite cat character applies to ginger tabbies. Some people refer to them as red tabbies and others as yellow cats. I think technically the better description is red but then a lot of other people call them marmalade cats! You pays your money and you takes your choice.

I'm just very pleased for this guy because he's using his cat in a way that a domestic cat should be used. Just being there they can be so helpful emotionally. It brings to mind a recent study about domestic cats and dogs which has been used by some people who dislike cats to denigrate them. One journalist on the Gizmodo website said that cats are disloyal.

I don't think we should get into a discussion about disloyalty or loyalty of domestic cats. They play a role of companionship. That is their major purpose and through their companionship they help people to recover like this guy from drug addiction or they make people happier and keep them company when otherwise they would be lonely and melancholy.

P.S. Pete is a good name for a ginger tabby - cocky and confident.

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