Friday 2 April 2021

Grandma buried cat on farm for apartment dwelling cat owner

She wrote: "My cat, Mayhem, unexpectedly died about eight months ago. Since I rent, I didn’t have anywhere to bury him and I was too heartbroken to really deal with it. My 86-year-old grandma ended up volunteering to bury him out on her farmland. She sent me this email today."

Grandma buried cat from apartment dwelling cat owner
Grandma buried cat from apartment dwelling cat owner. screenshot.

It is a cute story. It is also an interesting story because my first instinct is to ask why this cat owner did not take her cat to her veterinarian to organise a cremation. Or perhaps take the cat to a cat cremation facility where she could have asked for an individual cremation. It is unusual, I believe, for people to want to bury their cat in the garden.

Perhaps, there was an issue of money. An individual cat cremation might cost about $150 in America and the same in pounds in the UK. That's not inexpensive but for me it is an absolute necessity so I find the money. Obviously a burial in the back garden is entirely free but what if you move home? 

I know that I am asking an obvious question. You want your cat to be with you which is why you have buried your cat at the bottom of the garden. Therefore, this points to cremation although there is no DNA left in a cat's ashes. The connection between you and the ashes is entirely emotional and not physical.

The behaviour of the grandmother is very cute and sensitive. It is the kind of behaviour that I love to see. It worked out well. Perhaps burial, sometimes, is the best way to go. Just make sure that the cat is buried deep enough to avoid the remains being dug up by a fox for a meal. It's remarkable but foxes will do this.

I have an article on the rules governing the burying of your cat in America. You can read it if you want to by clicking on this link here.

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