Friday 9 April 2021

Portrait of old-style Siamese cat twins

A nice Siamese cat portrait from the website I like to find unusually good photographs of cats and this is one of them. You can get twin cats. I remember writing about twin domestic cats years ago. Although, also about 18 months ago I failed to find any references to twins in the world of the wild tiger. Strange that. But twins are not limited to the human race, that is for sure.

There is a little video of twin cats sleeping while facing each other for exmple.  These are 'old-syle' Siamese or what you might call the original-looking Siamese cats as opposed to the modern elongated variants that have become the defacto norm. I dislike them and prefer the original. The breeding of Siamese cats has become a mess I believe because there are too many different types. It is confusing. There was even an attempt to rectify this by creating the Thai cat but it made matters worse.

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