Saturday 3 April 2021

Chicken defends a fellow chicken against a farm cat attack

The video is called 'Chicken Solidarity'. It is exactly that. The well fed black-and-white farm cat attacks a chicken. The others chickens run away at the horror of it all but one brave chicken charges at the cat to stop the attack. This causes the cat to turn his attention onto the chicken rescuer and attack, which in turn prompts the original chicken victim to save his mate. It is a great example of chicken cooperation in the face of adversity. Chickens are smarter than people believe.

There is one caveat to my commentary. It is not altogether clear that the cat mounted serious attacks with the intention of killing. They are on a farm and I am sure they know each other. I think they sort of get along normally but the cat's innate hunting instincts take over at the sight of birds and he attacks.

Remember someone filmed it and it's probably the farmer's wife. Why didn't they intervene to stop the initial attack? Perhaps they know something that we don't.

Chicken defends a fellow chicken against a farm cat attack
 Chicken defends a fellow chicken against a farm cat attack. Screenshot.

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