Tuesday 6 April 2021

Ozzy Osbourne said that he likes to shoot cats to keep himself sane

I believe that Ozzy Osbourne and his family i.e. his wife Sharon and his daughter Kelly live in Los Angeles in a large house with extensive grounds which cost a fortune. Ozzy Osbourne is known for his outlandish behaviour and views. 

However, I don't think anything could be quite more outlandish or schizophrenic than his claim, in a radio interview reported in The Mirror newspaper, that he likes to shoot cats wandering into his extensive backyard with a rifle, I presume from inside his home. 

Ozzy Osbourne said that he likes to shoot cats to keep himself sane
Ozzy Osbourne said that he likes to shoot cats to keep
 himself sane. Photo in public domain.

He said that it keeps him sane and implies that the coronavirus lockdowns have driven him to insanity combined with the fact that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's not long ago which leaves him concerned as to whether he will be able to walk.

His claim reminds me of Jeremy Paxman shooting squirrels from his toilet (sitting on the loo). That was a bizarre claim as well.

He also claimed that he shoots birds. He said that he was a lousy shot but by implication he appears to have improved his skills perhaps because of all the practice he has had in shooting cats! 

But, can this be true? He has featured on a poster campaign to stop declawing of cats organised by PETA, the animal welfare organisation. This clearly implies that he has animal welfare in mind. He should be concerned about animal welfare if he agreed to this campaign. 

Ozzy's poster against cat declawing.
Image: PETA.

And, of course, shooting what might well be domestic cat living with neighbours on his lawn is completely the opposite. That is why I have described his words and perhaps actions as schizophrenic.

If it is, indeed true, however, it must be a crime under California's animal welfare laws. And he can't be sure that he is shooting a feral cat. It is more likely that they are domestic cats wandering around from neighbourhood properties. I don't know the situation where he lives. Perhaps he has no neighbours or they are quite a distance away. Even if they are feral cats, I am convinced that shooting them for entertainment purposes is a crime in a state which is quite advanced in its attitude towards animal welfare and in its laws.

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