Friday 2 April 2021

Every day cat greets woman going to work on her bike

"On my way to my previous workplace i met every morning this cat at the same spot. She jumped always on my lap while i was on my bicycle and collected her daily cuddles...."

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Once again, this is a particularly sweet story. I actually feel very sorry for this cat. Perhaps I should not. But, the cat needs company. And as you can see in the words of the woman she mentions her "previous workplace". This means that she no longer takes this route, I believe. This in turn means that this cat no longer meets this woman. So neither of them can enjoy their company. I wonder how the cat feels. I would bet that she feels lonely and misses her human, female companion.

It was a small thing but a quite unimportant part of their lives. After all, the woman felt it important enough to post the story to the website. Clearly it made an impact on her life and the same must be said about the cat.

It is these little things which enhance our lives. I would guess that this cat's owner is away all day and the cat is allowed outside which is why she is looking for company. Of course, I am guessing and I could be completely wrong but my gut feeling takes me to that thought. Because a cat is domesticated they need the company of their human companion.

There is a misconception by some people that cats are independent and can be left alone all day while they are at work. This is not true. Of course they can be left alone but after a few hours they will be waiting for their human friend to come home. It's called separation anxiety. Call it what you like. They need companionship. I feel sorry for cats who have to endure this loneliness. There is not much choice for the person because they have to work.

The only choice they have is not to adopt a cat and hopefully the cat that they would have adopted goes to a home where the person is around most of the day.

Every day this cat greets woman going to work on her bike
Every day this cat greets woman going to work on her bike. Screenshot.

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