What wild cat species are native to Asia?

Here is a list of wild cat species native to Asia:

  1. Asiatic golden cat
  2. Borneo bay cat
  3. Clouded leopard
  4. Fishing cat
  5. Flat-headed cat
  6. Jungle cat
  7. Asiatic leopard cat
  8. Marbled cat
  9. Rusty-spotted cat
  10. Sunda clouded leopard
  11. Chinese desert cat
  12. Bengal tiger
  13. Sumatran tiger
  14. China tiger
  15. Leopard
  16. Asiatic lion

You can read about these wild cat species in detail by clicking on this link.

Here is the smallest wild cat species anywhere and it lives in Asia, the rusty-spotted cat:

Rusty-spotted cat
Rusty-spotted cat. Photo: Pixabay

And here is the largest, the Bengal tiger. Actually it is not quite the largest. That title goes to the Siberian tiger which is technically in Asia.

Bengal tiger
Bengal tiger. Photo: Pixabay. The Bengal tiger is the second largest Asian wild cat species
after the Siberian tiger.


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