Tuesday 27 April 2021

Man feeds the cat of the woman he raped and strangled to death

NEWS AND VIEWS-TURKEY: Allegedly a man fed the cat of the woman that he had raped and strangled to death before waving to security cameras as he left her apartment.

Photos: Newsflash.

Eray Hakver, 24, met his girlfriend Cennet Tuba Tokbas, 22 (see above) , at her apartment in the Turkish province of Denizli on November 10 last year. They dated for two months. They were having sex when he allegedly choked her to death. It is then reported that he fed her cat and left. He then called his mother to tell her that the woman might be dead. She was a final year art student at the Pamukkale University.

His mother called the police and reported her son. He repeated what he told his mother to the police. He said that she did not resist. His DNA was found under the woman's fingernails which suggested that the woman had tried to fight back in contrast to what he said.

Investigators believe that it was a planned attack because of his calm demeanour throughout. It's alleged that he is pretending that it was an accident during a sex game that went wrong. There are calls for him to be imprisoned for life and he is due to be tried in the high criminal court in the not too distant future.

Report: The Sun.

Comment: was this is a callous statement because the woman said to him that her cat was a better partner than him?

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