Tuesday 12 February 2008

Paris Hiltons Pets

Paris Hilton Pets are a constant source of attention for the media. I couldn't resist jumping in when I heard that she had "abandoned" one of her cats having left the cat at a vet for neutering and not returned.

The vet called the person who sold the pet to Hilton and it was decided the cat should be returned to the cat breeder (was she a cat breeder - not sure).

This is of interest to me because about 9 months ago Paris Hilton had adopted a dwarf cat and I had written about this on the dwarf cat page of my website. I had defended Paris then, saying that dwarf cats were not necessarily less healthy than non-dwarf cats and therefore it is not necessarily bad to adopt one.

I'll have to change my mind about Paris. It looks as though she is irresponsible when it comes to animals. She admits to keeping 11 dogs, 3 ferrets, 2 rabbits, 2 monkeys and 3 cats (one a dwarf cat and one just lost). As she is away a lot she has someone (Eric) to look after them. Of course it is responsible to have someone take care of your pets when you are away but if you are away a lot as apparently is the case why keep pets in first place? Because they make her happy; but are the cats and other pets happy and does she care? Apparently not if this story is true.

Photo of Paris Hilton copyright and By sarahinvegas

From Paris Hiltons Pets to Dwarf Cats

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