Wednesday 20 February 2008

Don Sphynx Munchkin Hybrid

dwarf cat hybrid

This sweet looking cat is (as I understand it) a brand new domestic cat breed. His name is Willow and he is a cross between a Don Sphynx (a Russian Sphynx cat) and a Munchkin (the founding breed of dwarf cats). He has no breed name that I know of. When I get it I'll post it. All the dwarf cats have the Munchkin cat as a founding cat in the development programme.

Willow is 4 months old.

dwarf cat hybrid
Here is a picture of Willow a Don Sphynx Munchkin Hybrid.

Here is a picture that shows the comparison between the dwarf cat "Willow" and the normal leg length cats, his long legged 1/2 brothers.

dwarf cat hybrid

Apparently the coat feels like a soft warm shammy leather. I have felt the coat of a Sphynx and it feels really nice in fact. It's is nice to see what is happening in the dwarf cat world. Being a brand new cat breed it will take many years before it is recognised by the registries. The Dwarf Cat Association are using their best efforts to get their various dwarf cat breeds fully recognized.

You can see all the dwarf cats by clicking on this link.

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  1. very cute Mike.. How is the health of these short legged pussies?

  2. Hi, Health is generally good but read this page

  3. hello cutie!!

    i like that new breed very much. i happen to like sphynxses and munchkins a lot, and now heres sphychkin!!!

  4. Hmm... I don't think dwarf cats are really all that cute.

  5. That is called a "Bambino", a munchkin x shpynx.

  6. I would call it a MISHKIN after the Russian character in a Dostoyevsky novel. If only because it is a perfect sounding name being both Russian (like the Donskoy/Don Sphynx) and ressembling "munchkin", and also because it rivals the Minskin breed which is Munchkin + Canadian ie traditional Sphynx.

  7. HELLO DARLING!!!! Oh my god, I've been looking through the internet for a cat that has kind of a Devon Rex look but in the Munchkin cat breed. Willow is absolutely stunning, just perfect the way he is. I love the way his coat looks like it has the short curly coat and his head has those beautiful bat-like ears with the short stature.


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