Sunday 17 February 2008

Ashera GD

ashera gd cat
Ashera GD copyright LifeStyle Pets Inc. reproduced here with their express permission.

The Ashera GD is a scam so say Savannah Cat breeders
. This is what they say is happening:-

LifeStyle Pets Inc who sell the Ashera GD and the Allerca and Chakan are presenting themselves as individuals who want to buy a Savannah Cat from a Savannah Cat breeder.

Of course the breeder is pleased to sell. The "buyer" (presumably a LifeStyle Pets employee) then rebrands the the cat an Ashera or an Ashera GD (this cat can be bought as hypoallergenic or not - the GD is the hypoallergenic cat) and sells the cat at a price far higher than the price paid as a Savannah Cat. Savannah cats can sell for about $3,000 while the Ashera sells for over $20,000.

I don't know if this is true. It should be provable through DNA testing and this is apparently happening with the Ashera/Savannah cat held at Schipol airport. Read about that here.

However, Life Style Pets do provide the following with their cats, neutering/spaying, vaccinations, microchip and DNA fingerprint and certificate. They don't though say what the breeding programme is.

From Ashera GD to Ashera GD

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