Sunday 24 February 2008

Blind Cat Dignity

Blind Cat Thailand copyright and by AkumAPRIME

A blind cat has great dignity, patience and hearing. Look at this oh so sad boy cat surviving in Thailand. He may get help, probably does, from people. He probably lives on the street. You can see him listening. You can sense him smelling. He looks fairly healthy. When you look at his face it is almost as if he is looking back at you.

Cats are uncomplaining and are very persistent, two fine qualities. My cat nearly always wins the battle of what she eats. She achieves this by sheer persistence combined with patience. I learned from that. There is no reason why we cannot learn about behavior from other animals. We think that we are better and have nothing to learn from them.

Cats have a remarkable capacity to get by, adapt with such a massive disability, with little help, a testament to their survival instincts and innate sensory capabilities.

I posted this because the photograph touched me. I have another post on blind cats.

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  1. This cat is so beautiful. He makes you want to pick him up and love him for life. Animals are so vulnerable next to us. Given that they are so vulnerable, that is why we should respect them more. We should know it is our responsibility to be good to them because they are so dependent. I see that this is a domestic cat, yet he looks a little different from the domestic cats we have here in the states. I have always noticed the differences in domestic cats. My cat is extremely fat with a small head, legs, and tail. Poor thing. I would love to get a larger cat with the long body and tail. I wonder if she would like a Thanks for sharing. I liked the picture of your Thailand cat.

  2. Hi Keianna

    Your the kind of person I like to receive comments from. Thanks for the comment. We do have a massive responsibility in respect of the care of other animals and at present by and large we do not discharge that responsibility - far from it.

  3. Very True...This cat is so handsome. His ears are so big; my cat has little ears. I wish I could just pet him to death. How was it you came across this particular cat?

  4. Hi, You know I forget exactly how I came across this picture; probably on Flickr a great website for photographs that are available for publishing under a license.


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