Friday 1 February 2008

Cat Collars

cat with collar

Cat collars can be useful. For example, when a cat gets lost or in the dark if it is one of those collars that has a flashing light. Or, it may be that people where you live think that some cats are "outdoor" cats. Under these circumstances, if they see a stray cat, they will possibly leave her alone, when what might be needed is action to get her back to her human companion. A cat collar would help to ensure that your cat gets home safely. It also might help prevent abuse from violent youths some of whom like to hurt animals.

However here are some things that can happen when a cat wears a "break-away" or any other collar:

--If the cat is a Bengal cat (a particularly active cat) they will probably remove the collar. This applies to less active cats too.

--If they can't remove it they may pick at it. This can make cat collars defective and potentially dangerous.

--Your cat might try and remove the collar and snag her claw in the collar, trapping the leg. This may result in injury to the leg and/or claw.

--Your cat may, when being active, (particularly notable for a Bengal or other wild cat/domestic cat hybrids who are more active that pure domestic cats) get her collar caught in a branch or projecting object. Cats can be strangled under these circumstances. I knew of a cat who was killed like this. On Yahoo Groups stories of cats being strangled like this are not that uncommon.

--Some cat collars may, through friction, cause loss of hair around the neck.

--You may tighten the collar too much without realizing it. This may cause injury. If it is too loose it will be taken off by your cat and be dangerous if not.

--Cat breeders are generally against cat collars it seems to me.

--On balance it is not wise to place a collar on a cat in my opinion. There may, though, be occasions when it is thought necessary.

--An alternative to cat collars is microchipping pets.

Photograph copyright and by Malingering

Note: My thoughts on cat collars are mine. No criticism of any cat keeper who gives their cat a collar is meant.

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  1. My American Shorthair/Main coon cross Needs a collar because people in my area are afraid of disease like rabies. she has her rabies vaccination tag on it. the microchip does not tell an untrained person or those without scanners her info. She was also born with diabetes and terrable allergies to most foods -especially dry food- so she wears a tube with a paper and a USB chip containing her feeding instructions and a metal label saying to check her tube and that she is diabetic. in a case like this, a collar is essential as improper feeding could kill her.


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