Sunday 17 February 2008

Cat Coats Tabby and White

Blue Mackerel Tabby and White (top) and Brown Classic tabby and White (bottom) - photographs copyright Helmi Flick

Where the cat coat is tabby and white there is an interplay between the Primary Tabby gene (Mc/mc) and the White Spotting gene or Piebald gene (S/s) taking place.

The Piebald gene produces some well known patterns including the bicolor and van patterns. Classic cats having these patterns are the Japanese Bobtail (bicolor) and the Turkish Van.

The Tabby gene dictates the distribution of hairs with solid (non-banded) color. The White Spotting gene dictates the spread of the color granules in the hair follicles during the time the embryo is developing. These genes having varying degrees of effect resulting in more or less and smaller and larger areas of black hair mixed with the banded hair (in the tabby areas of the coat) and more or less white hair over the entire coat.

If you can find the time I discuss the other coats types and the effect of these genes on other postings. Click here to all the postings on coat colors on this site.

Here are some more examples of this interplay resulting in cat coats that are tabby and white:

Brown Mackerel Tabby and White photograph copyright Helmi Flick

Van Pattern photograph copyright Helmi Flick

Red Ticked Tabby and White photograph copyright Helmi Flick

Red Classic Tabby and White photograph copyright Helmi Flick

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