Sunday 26 June 2011

Siamese Cat Behavior

Is the behavior of a German man different to the behavior of an English man? Yes, slightly. But there will be enormous similarities because both are humans. The differences in the individual characters of the English person and the German person will always be greater than the differences that are found in relation their nationality.

The same principle applies to cat breeds. There are cat breeds that are at the extremes of cat personality and there are cat breeds that are somewhere in the middle. People who describe the personality of the various cat breeds tend to exaggerate the differences to try and distinguish one breed from the other but this is rather artificial to be honest.

At one extreme of character of the cat breeds we have the active intelligent cats and at the other end we have the more passive more stupid cat breeds. But this does not mean that all cats of one breed will follow the trend for that breed in respect of character and personality.

Character dictates behavior and the Siamese has a character that shows itself in a well known high degree of vocal communication that can be loud. They are also quite active. They are at the upper end of the cat intelligence scale provided breeding is of a high standard.

Siamese cat behavior includes:
  • sleeping on your lap
  • sleeping on or in your bed
  • sharing your pillow when in bed
  • being close to you
  • an inquisitiveness born out of intelligence
  • a nosiness that is also part of its intelligence
  • being demanding to a certain extent.
You will need to interact with, stroke and be close to satisfy your Siamese cat.  See Cat Behavior for a full discourse of cat behavior.

Cat show judges support the observation that Siamese cats vocalise more in making demands on people and are more likely to be sociable. Vets say they (and Oriental Shorthairs) are more "destructive" in the clinic.  This probably means more actively disobedient!

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