Thursday 30 June 2011

Should a parent encourage their son to prefer dogs to cats?

Some people think that if a boy is seen playing with a cat or stroking a cat etc. the boy is gay! True. It is such reactionary behavior and stereotypical behavior.

But it got me thinking. Should parents make a deliberate effort to encourage their young son to prefer dogs if they demonstrate a likeness for a family companion animal?

Personally, I think it is wrong to do that. Each individual should be given the freedom to make his or her own choice.

But a young person can be molded and I wonder if people think that a boy who likes cats should be molded into liking dogs instead as it is seen by some people as being more "manly" I guess.

I don't really get that. But the male human does prefer dogs as men are pack animals as are dogs.

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  1. I've never heard that people try to get their sons into dogs instead of cats. My dad has had cats his whole life and has no problem. Furthermore I have many guy friends that absolutely love cats and I've never thought of it as "gay". Interested post though, I'm sure it's possible for crazy people to think that. I'll be delighted if my son loves cats as much as I do, and I'll feel the same if he likes dogs more. If he has compassion for animals that's all that matters to me.



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