Wednesday 29 June 2011

Siamese Cat Food

Come on Royal Canin!! Your motto is "knowledge and respect" promote the idea that you can design cat food for a certain breed of cat when you know that you really can't do this with any certainty. It is wrong in my opinion

All domestic cats have the same requirements in respect of diet. What is galling for me is that this particular cat food - Royal Canin Siamese 38™ - is a kibble. It is dry cat food and dry cat food as an only diet is not satisfactory for two main reasons: it is dry containing about 12% water and it is sugary with a high carbohydrate content that cats can't taste but which is needed in the manufacturing process. It is usually grain that is added but sometimes potato or peas etc. Cats require a diet that contains about 60-70% water (the water content of the typical mouse!). (Note: some dry cat foods do not contain excessive carbohydrate levels. I don't know the carb. level of Siamese 38™but presume it is standard kibble).

Cats don't compensate with drinking more water when they eat dry cat food and so become permanently slightly dehydrated and diabetic (perhaps or probably).

So I think that Siamese cat food does not exist and that this is a ploy to make more sales as it is one more product and the Siamese is a very popular cat - in the top three most popular cat breed.

Beware cat keepers there is no such food, in my opinion. The argument that Royal Canin put out is that the Siamese cat has a sensitive stomach and their food helps to make the stomach less sensitive by improving stomach bacteria. They also say that "Omega 6 fatty acids" improves coat contrast. I don't believe it.

Just feed a balanced diet:

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