Lynx Point Siamese Cats

Lynx point Siamese cats have also been described as tabby Siamese cats but not by people who breed and show cats, I suspect.

The point is that cat breeders on both sides of the Atlantic were not satisfied with breeding the standard Siamese cat. Breeders like to expand the range and push the boundaries of cat breeding.

In respect of the Siamese cat this meant selective breeding to change the pointing to a whole new range of colors and even patterns. Original Siamese cat pointing is of a solid color: dark brown (seal), blue, lilac and chocolate colors. That should have been enough but no..

Selectively breeding in the tabby and agouti gene resulted in broken pointing; pointing with mackerel strips (mackerel tabby). See tabby cats.

Breeders call these cats Lynx Point Siamese. The word "lynx" is simply a fancy word to make the cat more interesting. There is no connection with lynx wild cats except they too are tabby cats as are many (all?) wildcats.

OK that's enough words. Here is a picture of a lynx point Siamese cat.

lynx point Siamese cat
Traditional Lynx Point Siamese Cat
Photo by gsloan
This cat is a traditional Siamese cat. Some cat associations would not describe this cat as a Siamese. I wouldn't either. The CFA calls this cat a Lynx Colorpoint Shorthair.


  1. I have such a cat.Alot of these pic. look exactly like down to the tail and stripes.I thought at first who took his pic.His name is Asher.Right now he turned 1 June of last yr. He's getting darker as he ages.Boy is he growing.Kids say he has a racoon tail

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