Saturday 4 June 2011

Blue British Shorthair

Gimme gimme! by fofurasfelinas
Gimme gimme!, a photo by fofurasfelinas on Flickr.
Photo is copyright Giane Portal

Gimme gimme! writes Giane Portal, the famous cat photographer who lives in Brazil and who took this photo that has such impact. It is one of her favorites, as far as I can tell. It says a lot about the cat. You can see the photo on Flickr by clicking on this link. And please note that the photo is protected by copyright.

This is Angel Blue, a blue British Shorthair cat. Blue is the original colour for the British Shorthair cat. The two go together like apple pie and custard.

"Blue" is very much a cat fancy word as the true colour as you can see is in fact grey ("gray" in the US). Well a sort of blue grey but more grey than blue.

The blue colour is the black pigment (eumelanin) in the hair strands diluted by a certain gene. The "d" gene has the effect of clumping the pigmentation in the hair strands so that there are clear areas that overall gives the impression that the hair is grey.

Selective breeding allows the breeder to vary the depth of colour. The British Shorthair blue cat has the "basic aaB-dd" genotype. Other cats that can only be blue are the Korat, Russian Blue and Chartreux. These are the grey cat breeds as I call them. The British Shorthair can be shown in all colors and all divisions of the traditional category so blue is just one color but probably the best know colour, for this cat breed.

The British Shorthair coat is one of the best to stroke and touch because it feels fantastic. It is dense and crisp.

Angle Blue has that classic Brit SH face, cheeky looking with large expressive eyes. The eyes are yellow or is that amber. Cat breeders like to use interesting words to describe colour.

Angel Blue doesn't care what colour she is or that she is beautiful (I think she is a she - could be wrong though). She just wants that food. Gimme it now please. I can't wait anymore.

I am guessing but it must be her favorite food. Read more about the British Shorthair if you'd like too by clicking on this link.

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