Tuesday 21 June 2011

Mackerel Tabby Pattern

Show cat with mackerel tabby coat
Photo copyright Helmi Flick

Here is a rescue cat that has a really nice mackerel tabby pattern. A nice visitor to my site submitted the article that I reproduce below:

"I have this "different" kind of kitty and her teenage kitten. When we got her she was all alone.

Her momma and her were wild. She still is kinda. My 8 year old son found and saved her from people trying to catch (kill) / get rid of her.

mackerel tabby cat
Twi a grey mackerel tabby cat

You see her mother was run over by a car and she didn't know where to go or what to do, other than hide under the house where the momma died.

The people that were renting the place didn't appreciate her crying for her mom all day and night. So they tried many different ways of capturing her and didn't care how. They just wanted her away!

My son (Zen) was watching as they were trying to catch her one day. He didn't like how they were trying to get her. So he asked if "he was able to get her, would they mind if he took her home?" They were thrilled to hear him ask that so they let him do what Zen does best..'talks' to them (animals). And I'm not even sure how he did it but he did, like he always does!

He got her in his arms and in the car. And so we took her home. He named her 'Twilight'. Don't ask why. I'm not even real sure why. My son is a breed of his own;~).

"Twi" as I call her is still wild in her own way. She never wants to go outside but when she does she takes her time coming back. The first time she did go she was gone for 4 days (broke my son's heart as he says "she just warms my heart". But she did return... and pregnant!!

I helped deliver her 5 kittens, all looking like her but one black one. We had gotten rid of them faster than I thought we would but they were sooo cute. No one could resist.

Well we did keep one. He is cute and funny. He will stand on his back hind legs and try catching bee's and flies with both front paws, like a child catching a ball - so cute.

Twi and kinky have a strong bond as mother and baby. See, he has this kink in his tail, kinda like it's broken, but that's why I call him 'kinky'. I knew that Twi was a different kind of breed but wasn't sure what kind.


A friend told me to look up "California Spangled Cat" on this site. Sure enough there is no doubt in my mind that they could be anything else but the beautiful and unique California Spangled Cat! (editor's comment: this is a gorgeous mackerel tabby random bred cat but not a California Spangled cat - don't be upset, Twi is a fine cat equally as good as a purebred cat).

I added a picture of 'Twi' and her babies. 'Twi' is the gray one and 'kinky' the darker one. If you would like to see more pictures of the two as I like to call them 'The unique-kies kikies'. OK after owning these loves, I haven't been the same...=\'' - ''/= ) but if you would like to see more of them don't hesitate to ask. They like their pictures being taken... and i don't mind showing them off!! So go ahead and ask!

mackerel tabby cat
Twi's kittens showing great mackerel tabby coat.

But as for now, Twi is wanting attention. So here you go. Here are the pictures of the "rare" but yet still living California Spangled Cat's."

By by T. (Longview,WA.)

Hi T...as I say Twi is not a California Spangled cat as she is not purebred but she is a great cat with a fine mackerel tabby pattern. Tabby cats are not necessarily purebred cats. And I published this article because I like your son. Nurture him as he is a great kid.

Please look after Twi. Make sure she is neutered and ideally build an enclosure so she can get out but safely. I am thinking about both your son and Twi. Your son loves Twi and he would be desperately upset if he lost her to a road accident or some other horrible fate.

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