Wednesday 22 June 2011

Veterinarian Advice Online

Veterinarian advice online usually if not always takes the form of articles written by a veterinarian or answers to questions that are in the form of an archive. The question and answers may suit your predicament but they may not. Anyway you need a diagnosis first.

What I mean is there are few if any websites where you can telephone a veterinarian or interact with a veterinarian by word, during which the veterinarian provides an answer that is exactly specific to and tailored for your animal's health.

The reason for this is obvious. Firstly there is the issue of paying the veterinarian. This creates a few complications because the veterinarian will not know for sure what to charge as he or she needs to see, touch, listen to and perhaps test the cat or dog to properly diagnose the illness if the animal is ill.

The best that a vet can do is provide general and qualified advice. By qualified I mean he or she will say "subject to a proper in person diagnosis" or something like that.

I would favour a site that I have just bumped into today despite it being around for four years. It tells us how large the internet is these days. It is called vetfone. They are based in the UK.

You can telephone a veterinary nurse anytime day or night 24/7. They provide a fixed fee service for £9.50 or a charge by the minute at £1.53 per minute. Very reasonable charges.

I like this service because veterinary nurses will have a good grasp of the kind of information that you are likely to be able to communicate over the telephone. As I said there is a limit to what you can do over the phone in the way of veterinarian advice so there is little point paying a veterinarian for qualified and limited information.

It makes good sense to call a vet and get some information that can carry you and your animal forward until a proper and full diagnosis can be made, if required.

This is their website.

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