Wednesday 15 June 2011

Difference Between Purebred and Pedigree Cats

Ahmmmm..there is a difference between purebred and pedigree cats but a purebred cat is a pedigree cat. Clear as mud, I guess.

All cats belonging to one of the over 100 cat breeds are purebred cats. And all purebred cats have a pedigree. A pedigree is a documented record of parentage going back several generations.

To be purebred the cat has to have parents and grandparents etc. that are cats of the same breed.

So, a mixed breed, random bred moggie cat can have a pedigree but cannot be a purebred cat.

Although it is unusual for a moggie cat to have a pedigree. Random bred cats of quality can be shown at shows. They don't have to have a pedigree as far as I am aware.

As it happens, because purebred cats can become inbred as a result of breeding between cats of the same breed and often of the same close family, outcrossing to moggies or cats of another breed is sometimes allowed.

On the face of it, this makes the cat non-purebred it seems to me but it appears that the cat associations decide what is and what is not purebred and it is important to breeders to ensure that the breed is as healthy as possible consistent with close breeding to fix the desired traits as laid down by the association's breed standard.

Purebred and Pedigree Cat from Michael Broad on Vimeo.

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