Sunday 26 June 2011

The Lifespan of a Website

What is the lifespan of a website? There is nothing as far as I know on the internet about this of any use.

The point is that the lifespan is short unless the website is constantly renewed. By short I mean 2 to three years or so. I don't mean that it will die at three years of age but it will begin to fade. It is almost as of Google insists that it fades at three years of age. Google demands change and unless you can deliver your site will most likely fade.

Also competition will catch up with you and that will impact the popularity of your website.

Some sites are much less likely to fade because the internet depends on them such as search engines. The news sites are more or less fireproof because they have thousands of people feeding them, constantly rebuilding them in effect.

The term "website maintenance" is not the kind of maintenance that we are familiar with. It means rebuilding and renewing on an ongoing basis. This effectively makes a new site, so the lifespan is constantly restarted.

People starting a website should be aware that it is not built and left to earn money. The process of building is never ending unless you don't mind if the website ends in a relatively short time!

Creating the nuts and bolts of a website these days is very easy. The hard part is writing good content then getting it noticed, visited and maintaining it. The last element is the hardest of all in the long term.

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