Thursday 16 June 2011

Black And White Cat Cross Over Processing!

Vic and the feather by fofurasfelinas
Vic and the feather, a photo by fofurasfelinas on Flickr.
Yes, this is a very interesting photograph by Giane Portal (Flickr username: forfurasfelinas). Love the photo because it is very evocative. It looks old fashioned yet alive and alert. Please note that the photograph is protected by copyright.

The cross processing is what gives this image a slightly "other world" feel; an almost antique feel.

In this instance the cross-processing was achieved digitally - things have changed dramatically.

When I was a professional photographer (I never was able to make a living from it despite getting published nationally) we did real cross over processing.  Sometimes we did it to give the image a new look, something different. People like change you know!

So, you might process colour transparency film in colour negative chemicals (C41 process). Or you might do it the other way around or something different. It didn't matter. It was messy whatever it was. Those were the days of darkrooms and careful temperature and time controls. God we never got enough daylight - vitamin D.

Now you can simulate and replicate the same process on the computer - usually using Photoshop. And I think Giane has done a great job here. It is subtle and it enhances the image; it doesn't always!

The cat is "Vic" and he is exercising his predatory instincts in chasing a cat tease,  a feather on the end of a stick in this instance.

See another one of Giane's photographs of a black and white cat that is completely different.

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