Monday 27 June 2011

Ragdoll Siamese Cat

I am not sure what people are looking for when they search for "Ragdoll Siamese Cat". It is probably information about Siamese cats and Ragdoll cats. Both are pointed cats. That is the point I think - excuse the pun.

You don't cross bred the Ragdoll with the Siamese as it is not allowed under the CFA breed standard, for instance.

Seal point Ragdoll cat - Photo by KRO-Media

The Ragdoll does look a bit like a Siamese cat but the hair is longer and the cat is bigger and more cobby. The body shape is completely different. The Ragdoll is one of the largest purebred cats second to the Maine Coon as the largest all domestic purebred cat (i.e. excluding wildcat hybrids).

Ragdolls also have a mitted coat sometimes (white on the extremities).

You can compare the two cats by going to these pages:
  1. Ragdoll cats
  2. Siamese cats

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