Tuesday 28 June 2011

Breed of cat that is white

There is no breed of cat that is white, meaning that the cat has to be white and no other colour. Nearly all the cat breeds are allowed to be in a variety of colors by the various cat associations so you will find some cat breeds in pure white.

The list is too long to set out here. If you are looking for a purebred cat that is all white you should decide first what type of cat breed you prefer - this page may help - and then check with the breed standard if it can white. You can check breed standards at the major cat associations websites.

Some cat breeds are preferred or better known as white cats. The Turkish Angora comes to mind immediately. The Turkish Angora that the Turkish people like the best is the all white odd eyed cat. The gene that affects the pigment in the fur also affects the pigment in the eye.

Here is an all white Turkish Angora living in Turkey. These cats are different in body shape to the American bred Turkish Angoras.

The Maine Coon can have a myriad of colours and patterns and a fabulous looking white and deaf Maine Coo can be seen below:

Photo copyright Helmi Flick

Deafness often accompanies all white cats incidentally.

The cat associations allow the Norwegian Forest Cat to be all white too:

White Norwegian Forest Cat
photograph copyright noeoracio.

I have shown you three cat breeds that can be all white and which are simply stunning in white. What do you think? See cat coats white for information about the white cat. See also Grey Cat Breeds.

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