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Black And White Cat

Super Sophisticated by fofurasfelinas
Super Sophisticated, a photo by fofurasfelinas on Flickr. Copyright Giane Portal.
The black and white cat is a very commonly encountered type of domestic cat. That does not make it any less beautiful or less important. The tabby is the other most commonly encountered cat coat.

Black and white cat photos

The fine photograph illustrating this page is by Giane Portal, Flickr name: fofurasfelinas. She titled the picture: "Super Sophisticated". The cat is named, "Madonna". This is a classy black and white cat picture. It is protected by copyright please note.

Cat Scan
by alan_i_think
You can see many more black and white cat photos on Flickr. The one adjacent is interesting don't you think?

Black and white cat names

People search for black and white cat names. Uhmm..not sure if cat names come very easily for black and white cats. "Ace" short for card the ace of spades is quite nice and "Harley".  I am thinking of the clown that wears black and white checked clothes and other colours.

Black and white cat breeds

Well, there are no cat breeds that are only black and white cats. This is because black and white refers to the colour and pattern of the coat not the breed.

There are, though, cat breeds such as the Maine Coon that are allowed to have coats under the breed standard that are black and white. The breed standards of the cat associations dictate what the cat breeds should look like for showing purposes. Some cat breeds are allowed a wide range of colours and patterns such as the Maine Coon and British Shorthair while some can only be one colour (e.g. the Chartreux, a grey cat breed).

Here is RW, SGC Magnacats Jack Black a gorgeous Maine Coon who I have held. He is a champion (Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion).

Black and white Maine Coon, Jack Black
Photo copyright Helmi Flick

All the photos and text on this page are protected by copyright © except where indicated. Violations of copyright are reported to (DMCA).

Black and white cat genetics

These are black cats with the white fur caused by the presence of the white spotting or piebald gene. This gene masks the colour.

The white spotting can be large of small in size. Many Mediterranean cats have large areas of white and have van type coats (colour around the ears and on the tail) or small areas of black. This coat is probably better in hot climates.

Black and white cats are bi-color cats (two colors). These are also called, "solid and white" cats. The word "solid" referring to continuous color in the hair strands as opposed to broken pigmentation as is the case for tabby cats.

When the area of white is in the form of a locket on the chest, the cat can be called a "tuxedo cat". The size of the area of white on the chest can vary in size but must not be so large as to undermine the concept of the male human form of dress wear. When the white is on the feet the pattern is called "mitted" (as if the cat is wearing mittens - gloves). Snowhoe cats are mitted and Ragdolls can be mitted.

Here is my lady cat, who I would call a tuxedo cat:

Average cat to others. Eighteen year companion to me.
Black and white cat "Binnie". She is 19 years old now.

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