Wednesday 29 June 2011

Siamese are oriental cats

Yes, Siamese are oriental cats, in two senses actually. To be more accurate some types of Siamese are oriental in two senses. Please let me explain.  There is more than one type of Siamese cat.

The modern, super slender Siamese cat is described in the cat fancy - the group of people engaged in cat breeding and showing - as "oriental". This word describes thin cats to put it bluntly - see cat body types for the full range.

In addition Thailand (once Siam), the place where Siamese cats come from, is in the orient. Orient means "the East." And the east looking at the world map (i.e. looking to the right part of the map!).

There you have it. Traditional Siamese do not have oriental body shapes (per the cat fancy) but do come from the orient.

Here is the twist. The modern "oriental" Siamese does not come from the orient at all but from the catteries of breeders in the West!

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