Monday 20 June 2011

Tiger Blood

Well tiger blood is tiger blood and I wish people had a concern for the real thing as it is inside the body of a magnificent wild animal that is gradually becoming extinct in the wild.

However, sadly the press and blogs chew over the tiger blood that Charlie Sheen says courses through his veins or the tiger blood that he drinks or the tiger blood that another manufacturer makes on the back of Charlie's statement.

Yep, Charlie Sheen says he has tiger blood inside him. People have discussed what this means. I guess it just means he is a bit wild and reckless because he doesn't care about the consequences. He is as wild and as disregarding of accepted standards as a wild tiger. Fine - I think it as simple as that.

Charlie Sheen then took to drinking a blood red drink that is meant to be good for your health. It bloody well should be at $44 per bootle.

The other drink is in a container that looks like a blood transfusion bag and the drink contains caffeine. A pick me up kind of drink obviously.

That is it really. I think it is all a load of madness. In a more sensible society we would be discussing how to save the tiger from persecution for its body parts and from habitat loss due to human population growth. We hardly ever discuss the latter because it is taboo.

The obsession with Charlie Sheen is a reflection of the obsession with celebrity. It is a very sad society.

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