Siamese Cat Photos

Arguably the best Siamese cat photos come from Helmi Flick, the well known American cat photographer. She attends TICA cat shows and photographs at her studio as well and probably elsewhere.

Her photographs are nothing short of outstanding. They not only show off the cat but show the cat in a way that satisfies the cat breeder. This means that they have to been clean and clear not just aesthetically pleasing.

I am going to show you three great Siamese cat photos from Helmi and one from a talented Flickr photographer who lives in San Paulo Brazil.

Thai cat or a classic Siamese cat
Photo copyright Helmi Flick
The above photo is of a Thai cat. These are, in my opinion, really classic Siamese cats meaning a cat body type that is in between the traditional (semi-cobby) and the modern Siamese that is oriental (slender) in shape.

Traditional Siamese - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The above is a traditional or Applehead Siamese. This is the original Siamese cat appearance. This cat is a seal point.

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The next photo is of a modern or oriental shaped Siamese cat:

Modern Siamese Cat - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

You can see how these three types developed on this page and through studying Siamese cat history.

Saphire eyes
Traditional Siamese - Brazil
Photo copyright Giane Portal
By fofurasfelinas


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