Friday 25 July 2008

i hate cats

I hate cats

i hate cats, no i hate f**k**g cats is what some people say when they dislike cats. But they nearly always don't explain why. It appears that they don't understand why. They don't understand how to write good English either as the title to this post indicates. A lot of them use lower case "i" to start a sentence, for example. And their grammar is appalling - lack of education.

Also, they rarely say, I don't like cats because...and then give a good, reasoned argument. They tend to swear and declare to the world how they would like to kill cats in a cruel way. They are probably the kind of people who'd like to hunt cats. They appear to be quite violent and angry people.

i hate cats - the picture above - my response

Before I make my comment about cat hating people's comments, I'd like to refer to the picture above:

"They never look happy". Well, they probably don't when they're around the person who did the drawing! Cats don't smile and laugh (as we do), yes, but neither does any other animal so if this is a reason for hating cats, you'll have to hate all animals and if you do that you are in real trouble because they are a major part of life and the world so you'll simply end up hating the world. Also, humans smile and look happy but the smile is often fake and humans look sad a lot of the time. If we are observant, we can notice that cats do in fact show contentment and sadness on their faces and in their demeanor. So, this statement is incorrect on a number of levels.

"Their claws suck". Well, there are lot of things about humans that "suck". There are a lot of things about humans that are good and beautiful and the same goes for animals. In any event humans are animals (meant in the biological sense). This comment is pointless. Anyway, what sucks more, a cat's claws or a human with a gun? Think about it. A cat's claws are vital to their lives. What particularly sucks is Americans declawing cats in an unnecessary and cruel operation. In 38 countries declawing is outlawed; it would be a crime.

"They will never try to save you". How many people would try to save you and how often do you need saving? How many animals would save you? How many animals have the physical capability to save you. The cat would have difficulty on a physical level. In any event this statement is also incorrect. Cats can, for example, sense the arrival of an earthquake. They will forewarn people of an earthquake. This could save many hundreds of human lives.

"No tricks". This is also incorrect. Cats can be trained and in fact there is an entire circus (The Moscow Cat Theatre - see video below) based on cats doing stunts. Sorry guys you just keep on getting it wrong demonstrating your ignorance. In fact, cats train their owners! And vice versa.

"They make your house f**k**g stink". Well maybe they make the houses of people you know stink but this is because of irresponsible cat keeping. Cats are very clean. If you provide a proper litter tray, they will use it instinctively. They groom themselves fastidiously. People are often dirtier. Litter does not stink if it is maintained correctly. This is about poor human behavior not poor cat behavior. We create the environment in which cats live.

"They kill babies". This is a cruel and a highly ignorant comment. It is completely incorrect. I think the person is referring to toxoplasmosis. You can read about this by clicking on this link. I am afraid that you will need to be educated, which is evidently lacking in the extreme. A note about education. A lot of the people who write "i hate cats" in lousy grammar are uneducated about cats (and a lot of other things, I expect). Combine that ignorance with ill-discipline and plain nastiness and the person is a severe hazard and real danger to cats. Or this is a reference to the old wives tail of cats sucking the breath from babies. That comes from Medieval times! It ain't true.

"Floppy" No idea why he mentioned this. Some cats are longer and therefore floppier but people would normally consider this an attractive quality. Cats are flexible which is why they are such good athletes.

i hate cats - the things these people say

Now I'd like to refer to the kind of comment that people make, the people who say"i hate cats". I can't quote them verbatim because it might be a copyright violation and anyway, they are not worth quoting except as a curiosity, but I can summarize their feelings:

---One person liked squashed cats on the road. He was pleased to say that he had seen one that was completely flat with a paw sticking up and another with just the head in the middle of the road. He seemed to take delight in this. Don't you feel that this person has a problem? He would seem to be very angry and the anger comes out in a hate of vulnerable animals or perhaps objects. He seems to me to be the bullying type.

---Another person said he whacked a cat with a rock at point blank range and the f**k**g stupid animal was to (this should have been "too") stupid to die. He seemed pleased with himself in inflicting an act of cruelty on a animal. This would be a crime in the UK. The way he writes indicates a lot of anger. A lot of criminals have difficulty with anger. In UK prisons criminals have to attend anger management courses which indicates that criminality and anger go hand in hand. The anger probably emanates from a poor childhood that lacked security and there may have been violence in the family. This is very often the case. Violence begets violence. And one way of expressing anger is through violence. It is easier to be violent towards a small animal rather than a big one (e.g. a person bigger than the person who hit the cat with a rock). I'd bet he wouldn't hit a big person with a rock. He is therefore probably a bullying type as well.

---Another person who said he hated cats said that cats are squishy and purple. Not sure about that. I haven't seen any purple cats. Maybe he wrote that while taking recreational drugs.

---Another person said i hate cats because they do nothing, they are stupid and can't be house trained (he refers to litter training), they won't play with you or show affection or emotion, they are unpredictable and will claw and bite you, they are filthy, cats are vermin and should be eradicated. Well I think that this person needs training or educating but I think training is more applicable. Pretty well everything he says about cats is incorrect. Cats love to play and use the litter naturally (99% of cats will and if not it is probably due to stress caused by the human or by illness). The cats that this person meets are probably frightened by him or he treats them badly and that is probably why he gets scratched. Cats are extremely clean animals. I could go on. He has had a bad education regarding cats and probably dislikes lots of animals.

---One agreed with the phrase, i hate cats because she saw a cat hunt and kill a bird on a bird feeder in her garden. She wanted the cat to be killed as a result. I wonder whether she thinks that a few thousand people should be killed for sport hunting wild animals and killing them. Or all the wild cats in Africa should be destroyed for killing wild animals to live. People kill for pleasure in sport hunting and cat kills out of instinct to survive. Which is more deserving of punishment?

---One person ran over a cat at night and it gave him a nice feeling. You are sick.

---One person, though, makes a good point, which should be addressed. He says i hate cats because they foul his garden and he can't do anything about it. He is not protected by the law and nothing really stops them. He refers to cats belonging to neighbors. I can sympathize with this. But we all have to suffer many things that displease us when we live close to each other. Noise is a big problem which is difficult to resolve, for example. When we live near each other we have to tolerate a certain amount of disruption to the way we want our life to be. Sometimes the person doing the disrupting will breaking the law and can be stopped. But if he is within the law the legislators (the people we elect) have decided that the nuisance caused is to be tolerated. As legislators act for the majority people who are upset with neighboring cats fouling their garden are in the minority. It is also worth mentioning that cats most often bury feces and most cats use cat litters in the home so this particular person was unfortunate to live next door to a person who was possibly acting irresponsibly.

Sometimes, however an action can be started in the tort of nuisance but the this is a difficult and off-putting route. Sometimes too the nuisance is minor for some but grave for others. In other words, the person doing the complaining has a problem with the problem and magnifies it. The person who doesn't like cats fouling his garden has a point but he probably doesn't like cats that much either.

i hate cats - Conclusion

I sense that these people have a personal problem - probably anger related. I'd bet my bottom dollar that they are sometimes people who are angry but don't know where the anger comes from. If it is not that it is probably a lack of education that makes them say, i hate cats....There are many stories on the internet where a man who was a cat hater becomes a cat lover because his girlfriend kept a cat and got to know cats. It is more about knowledge and experiences that will draw you to cats. One other thing, as women are more likely to prefer cats over dogs and therefore to keep a cat it is probably sensible for a man to get to like cats as it will improve his prospects of finding a good woman - practical point...

There is nothing in a cat or any animal that can be hated as they all behave naturally. If a person hates cats, he hates a natural animal. He therefore must hate nature and as nature is the fabric of our world, he hates the world but doesn't know it.


Update - 21 January 2021. This is 13 years after the article was written. And still a substantial section of society anywhere in the world hate domestic cats. Perhaps America is best known for this split in society between those who love and those who hate cats. Or perhaps I'm being unfair. Australia is probably where it happens the most. This is because ornithologists i.e. bird lovers hate domestic cats for killing the birds they love. And when the birds are native species, it hurts particularly distressingly for bird lovers. And the problem is not going to go away. In fact, it's going to get worse because there are more cats as there are more people and therefore there will be more bird deaths at the hands of cat predation. You wonder where it will end up.

There is a lot of anger against cats from some people. It can lead them to taking the law into their own hands. These people sometimes shoot feral and stray domestic cats which, although a crime, is hardly ever treated as such because (1) law enforcement is disinterested and (2) people hardly ever see it happen and therefore there is a distinct lack of evidence which is a barrier to a successful prosecution which in turn feeds back to apathy amongst police officers. There is also the view that cats are 'just cats' and the police are too busy dealing with crimes against people. This is the age-old problem of humans being superior to cats and other animals of any species.

Some people ask whether it is normal to hate cats. Obviously, it is normal to hate gets but most people don't hate cats. And if a person hates cats, it is normally for the wrong reasons. It is normally because they don't understand the domestic cat or wild cats. Or it is because they are frightened of them. An extreme, irrational fear of cats is called ailurophobia. You might have heard of it. It is normal for humans to do a lot of strange things. Because humans can be very strange. It is equally normal to love cats. And there are more people who love cats than hate them. Although there are more people who hate cats than hate dogs. That's because cats are more independent than dogs. And dogs look up to their masters, the human as the pack leader. Humans like that. It massages their ego. That is why more people like dogs than like cats in my view.

Photo published under a creative commons license and by PDXdj

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  1. Wow, what a blog responding to a comment about hating cats. I too also hate cats. And I pretty much have realized that I don't like cat people. Let me guess, you are a woman, not married, not in a relationship and have more than one cat. People like you are perfect cat owners. You need something in your life that makes you feel like you are the only thing that matters, which is how cat's live. Their whole world revolves around you and you love that. Unlike a human that you can't control or dominate.

    1. I hate them they spray everything I want to go step on there heads have fun with them shit'in and walking on your pillows or on your kitchen table they are fucking nasty

    2. lol hope you never have kids cause someone will most likely step on their little heads and call them fucking nasty and stupid

  2. Hi, I've just seen your comment. Thanks for it but you have got me totally wrong, I am afraid. You can see me here:

    Creator of Pictures of Cats website

    I just think people who genuinely hate cats are likely to be cruel to them. And I can't abide that kind of sick cruelty. It shows a lack of humanity.

  3. wow, anonymous is a huge asshole

  4. You say that because he pegged you and all of you lonely people out there who like these annoying filthy animals. Cats suck!!! By the way this is a "I hate cats blog" so why are cat lovers on here defending them. Stay away from me you feline lonely lovers. And both of us both know that you all are lonely.

    1. I totally agree with anonymus first comment. Cats just like you because you give them food and shelter. If you die, the eat you when there is no food left. A dog would save youre life when you are drowning a cat would not give a singe fuck about you. Cats are dumb and lazy.

  5. I am the person who wrote the post. Here is my response to the last comment:

    I am not a lonely person. I live with someone and have friends in the area where I live. Liking and loving our companion animals does not mean that we are lonely. It just means we appreciate the extra dimension to life that companion animals can bring. If you tried to understand (unlikely) you might find out.

    Cats are not filthy. It is almost certain that humans on the whole are more dirty than cats. There are millions of quite disgustingly filthy humans who wash infrequently yet the cat washes regularly.

    This is not a "i hate cats" blog. This is a blog celebrating the cat and speaking up for the cat in a hostile world populated by ignorant people like you. You have misunderstood, which is not unexpected.

    I will stay away from you, with pleasure. But if we inadvertently did meet it would most likely end up in violence. And I would ensure that I won.

    I confirm that I am not lonely and neither are the vast majority of people who live with cats. I am sure that there are no more people who are lonely who love cats as there are sociable people who love cats. Loneliness does not come into it. Yes cats can be companions to people who have lost partners etc. but they are not a sign of loneliness. In any event a person living with a companion cat is not lonely. They are fine and reliable companions.

    1. I am going to kill a cat right now I should take a pic of it and post it here fuck cats and fuck you kill yourself in your litter box I am going to poke little holes in cat food bags at the store and put poison inside :-) fuck cats

    2. Dear Freddie,

      I wanted to thank you for taking the time and having the courage to write this very informative, useful post. I have come to learn that people who do/say things like the comments you mentioned in this post are absolutely, in every aspect a "danger" to not only all animals (not just cats), but also people. I can say this from personal experience, things I have witnessed FIRST HAND multiple times, multiple people. And I can also say that someone who can truly find the aggression, hostility and anger in themselves to harm a cat (or other animal) simply because the creature exists or is being their natural selves are corrupt and most likely have a real problem. I am not kidding. You're right when you made note of that. If you'll really look deep within someone who's shown hostility or abuse towards animals most certainly have SOME type of "inner" problem whether it is mental, their insecurities (ego, the sick, twisted desire to show 'power', etc.) And I believe I personally would WANT to find a fix for myself if I were so lacking in compassion. These are creatures whether we like it or not. We don't have to live with them, but to spew so much hatred like folks did about cats here really doesn't do anything except show the kind of person they are, and that's a truly ugly person. I absolutely can't stand many things, especially pests (fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, spiders). It's one thing to have a phobia/fear and dislike/distaste for another creature. That's fine. Simply don't allow those creatures in your lives, but to go out looking to kill anything that's been put here (and is not a true pest or harmful things like say ticks) is hate, it's not cute. It's disgusting and those types of people are the ones who live to destroy others because of their own torment -- they are that deeply insecure. I have found that it's almost always that these people have a case of severe insecurities. Why hate, though? You only harm yourself doing that. I am at a point in my life (well, tonight) that I am so torn and hurt over the abuse I've witnessed due to an animal being its natural self and humans becoming monsters who need to show their egotistical power and destroy something so much smaller, something with innocence (which people don't have). Why is there that need? It's had me so upset tonight that I can hardly think straight & I normally do really well with things. I don't think it's too much to ask that we view animals as somewhat equal to us? OR please for the sake of everyone else, just don't do harm! I can't find that kind of anger inside of me... No matter what an animal does, really. I wish others could be that way because I'll just say, there's a lot of suffering going on due to this type of person. Maybe it could help them to know how deep the suffering spreads. It spreads to their OWN "species" -- humans, so that tells you another thing that's been known for some time now -- humans who can abuse or kill or torture animals can do it to humans as well. It happens and it's so true, sadly. I rarely contemplate, especially comment on topis that are negative because I try to hard to NOT help create more of it (and it does seem that Law of Attraction is very real -- that giving too much thought to anything will create more of it -- but this thing... I felt very compelled to say something. Coming from someone who's spent the entire night crying over an issue involving aggression and hatred towards cats, which left a lot of people screwed up tonight and things that will never be "fixable" again... I just felt like I had to say something. I don't know how to stop people from taking their self-hatred or their other self-problems out on the innocent, those smaller than them who cannot really defend themselves.

    3. Hi K, we think alike. We have the same mentality about these sorts of people. Thank you for writing such a full comment. It is nice to find a kindred spirit.

      I find these sorts of people full of hate and bile and it is shocking to note how many people are like this. In my experience in reading these comments on YouTube and on this website, these nasty people are usually young males. That is my distinct impression.

      There are full of anger, fears and insecurities. They are poorly raised and they are ignorant. There is no tenderness in their hard hearts.

      If I hate anything it is that I hate these people who want to kill cats or any other animal because all animals are vulnerable on this planet. They are valuable because the top predator is mankind and mankind is somewhat of a failure I'm afraid.

      There are very many excellent people on the planet who care deeply and who are kind and tender but sometimes we are drowned out by the more aggressive destructive types, the alpha males and sometimes the alpha females.

      It is these nasty people who make the world unpleasant for many of us. They distort my view of the world and make it look less attractive. As you state, the desire to kill a cat for the fun of it indicates a much deeper rooted problem in the psyche of humankind.

      As a very well-known and respected biologist stated, “humankind is a disease on the planet". That is quite an extreme view and I'm not sure I'd totally sympathise with it but I totally get it. People who wish to kill cats are a disease on the planet.

  6. Are you kidding, cats are dirty as a whole, humans are cleaner because we use water! cats clean by licking themshelves. IF you get mud on your hands do you A.) wash it off with water, or do you B.) lick it off like what a cat does. Use your brain!

    1. do you see dogs washing their hands?

    2. People often lick their fingers! Pretty close to being a cat. Any case what is unclean about licking your paws. The saliva contains a disinfectant. It kills bacteria. Very clever and it saves water.

  7. Hi, thanks for the comment. It is wrong to say that cats are dirty as a whole. Yes, cats lick themselves and they do it every day. Many hundreds of millions of people do not wash daily and some positively stink! Soap and water is not necessarily better than saliva. It is you who, I respectfully suggest, who should use your brain and begin to think in a more enlightened way.

  8. I hate cats.

    They kill all the songbirds and rare mammals they can get their paws on. I think they should be classed as vermin like grey squirrels and shot. I would love to shoot cats.

  9. Response to the last comment. Please do your research. Domestic cats do not "kill all the songbirds and rare mammals". This is completely wrong. Please provide evidence for this prejudiced viewpoint.

    Your comment is totally ignorant, I am sorry to say. You are depraved, sad and sick in saying that "I would love to shoot cats". If you live near London, UK, meet me.

    1. You fucking fag I want to kill you and your cat I hope your house burns to the ground and you and your cat are inside look at the creepy pic of this cat fucker come over to the USA you fucking Brit

  10. Some people like cats, some people hate them. You can't just say that people who hate cats are "quite violent and angry people."

    "Anyway, what sucks more, a cat's claws or a human with a gun? Think about it."
    Who said anything about humans with guns? This is about cats.

    I think this was intended as a joke. Get a sense of humour, SRSLY.

    "I sense that these people have a personal problem - probably anger related."
    Nice logic....

    "If a person hates cats he hates a natural animal. He therefore must hate nature and as nature is the fabric of our world he hates the world but doesn't know it."
    If someone hates cats, they hate the world. Makes perfect sense.

  11. Response to last comment. I can speculate as to why people hate cats. That is my right on my website. And this post was made in direct response to the nasty and violent suggestions by cat haters, which prompted my thoughts. There is an underlying violence there. And people don't have to hate anything. It is not a necessity. Hatred is often born out of total misunderstanding or a heavy and unfounded prejudice not grounded in commonsense or logic.

  12. well..the neighbors cats are always in my gardens.. they have killed some of my plants from their nasty piss. I spend alot of money and time on my garden and its not fair to me for the neighbors cats to destroy things I've paid for and worked for. Thus said... I hate cats and their owners. I have recently put a ton of pepper on my garden and also some moth balls.. if this hurts the cats... it is not my problem. My problem is keeping cats out of my gardens and thats how I'm solving it. I do not have a ton of money to spend on motion sensor water spayers and so forth.. and I shouldn't have to!!! People should keep their cats/pets inside if they want them to be safe... my dogs are always in.. only allowed out with my supervision so I can ensure they don't bother anyone or get hurt.
    I also plan to set out a have a heart trap and whatever cat I trap will be taken to the shelter... My property, my garden, my yard... things I pay for.. I am sick of the cats!!!... I will truly be overjoyed to take these cats to the shelter...better hope YOUR cat isn't in MY yard!
    If I sound angry.. I am... at cats.. otherwise I'm perfectly pleasent and happy with my darling dogs..

    1. I just love this last comment. It's true! They should not be in your yard! I know so many people that take in cats rescue cats and they destroy their home furniture etc... I love all the people with cats at vets covered in scratches! I say wow that mut have hurt! " oh no my cat was just playing with me!" really I don't like to be hurt by animals I care for I I've my dogs the best food beds vet care I think I am worthy of respect you will never get from a cat! My friends have cat that pees in shoes when they are not fed on time! That's disgusting and disrespectful! If I feed dogs half an hour late they are ok with that. My other friend ha a baby and cats are not happy peeing pooping screening everywhere! This girl is a neat freak she cleans litter has had ten on Prozac and now going to bring to pound! Too late I say! I would have tossed them out years ago! Dogs can be service dogs and rescue people tahrs why they say cats have " staff" stupid people! Who don't think they deserve any respect !! Sorry I demand respect it's my home my dogs are so amazing and loving and they return the respect I give them cats do not! Cat lovers are sad losers sorry....

  13. So as a cat hater I would like to weigh-in. So first of all I think hate may be a strong word, but I do dislike cats. I don't wish bad things on them. I don't want to shoot them, kick them or throw them from a moving vehicle, but I do dislike them.

    Here's why: I find them aloof, entitled, selfish, and they quite literally - bite (or scratch) the hand that feed them. So you might think cat haters are violent and angry people, but I think cat owners are gluttons for punishment who continue to house and feed an animal that assaults them on a daily basis. I honestly think some people are in abusive relationships with their cats actually...

    So yes, there is enough room in the world for me and cats to coexist, and maybe there are some nice cats out there, but I have yet to meet one.

  14. Nick, thanks for a reasonably made argument but for me it is a bad argument. Cats do not "bite (or scratch) the hand that feed them." I don't know where you get this from but it can only be from personal experience or experiences of people you know and if a cat bites or scratches maliciously it is because the cat is being threatened by the person (the person's fault). Other than that it is play and gentle. So, I just think you have it all wrong through a lack of understanding of the basic issues. People who hate cats and who want to hurt them are the same but are also aggressive and unpleasant people.

    As for the "aloof, entitled, selfish," stuff this is your perception reading a cat's behavior on human criteria. If you read or assess a cat from the point of view of a cat, a different perspective is gained. What you say could apply to all wild animals and a goodly proportion of the human race, do you dislike them all as well? A cat does not feel aloof or selfish, these are human concepts. If a cat does not feel these things then they are not these things. You are very wide of the mark like so many others. At least you don't want to hurt them. People who have gross misconceptions and then act violently on those misconceptions really are bad and idiotic people.

  15. I hate cats, but I hate their owners more. I don't have a problem with them if the owners keep them inside. Cats should be on a lease and not allow to roam the neighborhoods. I don't need cats in on my property. They have came into my yard and killed many birds. I used to trap them and take them to the spca. But I not longer do that. It's a waste of time and the cats are usually return to their owner. Now, if I see a cat on my property I handle it myself. There are many people out there that feels the same way I do. Feral and neglected family cats that are allowed to roam the neighborhoods kill thousands of wild birds and small mammals each year. These are devastating losses to wildlife. Cats are not natural predators to wildlife. They are domestic animals that belong indoors. If you don't want your cat to get hurt keep the damn thing in your house.

  16. Your view on cats and people who dislike cats are interesting, and I'm pleased to see another human defending the misunderstood cat. I think that it's bad enough that cats get a bad wrap, but for humans to to want to shoot them? Now that's horrible! I find it unfair how dogs get attention for being heroic and ideal, while cats get attention for their bad traits. In fact, in my opinion, alot more money goes towards saving the endangered wolves rather than saving the endangered cat species.

  17. Hi Khonoi, Thanks for supporting the cat. There are two many people in this world who through ignorance of animals generally and through an inflated view of their own misplaced importance, hate cats. They don't even really know why. Some hurt cats and kill cats. These people simply disgust me. They are the kind of people who make the world less good.

  18. What really bothers me is that people tend to enjoy feeding wild animals when it's obviously illegal to. Example: People feeding wild bears. Wild bears maul and kill people. From my personal knowledge, I know not one killing from a domesticated cat. Even if bears do kill people, people still continue to feed the bears despite the laws and the warnings. Why so much adoration towards an animal that would kill you and so much hate against an animal that wouldn't?

  19. Haha, I'm quite amused by what the Anonymous person said. What this person says collides with his ideas. Cats are dirty because they lick them selves...dogs do too, yet Anonymous finds them darlings. If they were lose in the yards they'd certainly make more of a mess in the yard (digging..etc) and they are harder to potty train than cats? Theres no logic to this. Cats live on instinct. They are lovable just as dogs. I myself am not a dog person, but I not hate or dislike dogs. I'm just afriad of their slober and smell everytime I pet them.

  20. I hace cat living in my house, but it doesn't belong to me. Previous house owner left it here and because I am not a cruel person I am feeding him and taking care etc
    I even got him a little cat house so he can sleep outside because I would never ever allow him to stay inside over night. It's not enough that cats DO STINK, they are cheeky and unable to learn a lesson. When you punish a dog repeatedly for the same thing he learns eventually not to do this. But cats are like "Oh, that person feeds me so I must be important therefore I can do whatever I want"
    That nasty cat can't learn not to sit on the sofa (he has his own chair and pillows!), he keeps on destroying my furniture, eating my food, and freaking me out sneaking around. I am pregnant now and trying to give him up for adoption because it is proven that cats not only cause toxoplasmosis, but also they sneak inside cot/crib and sit on baby (they are attracted to heat as well as jelaous of new person in the house) which can lead to childs suffocation.

    sorry for my english, it is not my native language

  21. To LIZ. Please read this:

    You are biased against cats because you want it to behave as you wish and not accept a cat's behavior.

    You talk of "punishing a dog repeatedly". You are clearly unfit to care for animals.

  22. I have read the first few posts, but haven't been through all of them so forgive me if I'm repeating something that has already been said.

    I don't like cats. That said, I don't hate them. I have just found them to be extremely cruel to other living creatures. Also though I have cursed at them while cleaning up their muck from my garden, I still wouldn't wish them any harm.

    I believe the source of the problem with cats isn't the cats themselves, but with some (perhaps even the majority) of cat owners.

    I choose not to own a cat or a dog, despite having a great deal of affection for dogs and having owned two in the past. I decide not to have pets because the responsibility of taking care of them clashes with my responsibilities in other areas of my life. Despite choosing not to own cats, I find I have to clean cat excrement from my garden on a regular, weekly basis. This, given that I have a right to choose whether or not to have a cat and their responsibilities, is extremely unfair.

    In my view cat owners have a responsibility to ensure that when they exercise their right to choose to own a cat they do not prevent others from exercising their right to keep their property free of cats and the responsibilities that cats bring, i.e. waste disposal.

    The route of the problem is the present law on cat ownership. Owners must be made responsible for their pets, regardless of any "free roaming" classification. It's simple... If owners can't keep their pets from troubling their neighbours, they should not be allowed to keep it.

    Until the law is toughened up there will continue to be conflict between owners and non-owners because non-owners will continue to be understandably annoyed. There will continue to be cruelty towards cats as a symptom of this conflict.

    I for one will continue to spray the garden hose at cats in my garden and, as soon as I find out where their owners live, I will be presenting them with a brown paper bag full of their responsibility.

  23. I kill cats at every chance i get , either by drowning or with the handle of a hammer , my reasons are as follow: i am very allergic to them my eyes puff up and is very irritating i sneeze constaintly , i am sick of repairing my duco on my car as a result of cats , they attack and kill native birds.ect
    Sure we as humans have let cats become feral and we are to blame , but what else can we do but destroy them , they are nothing more then vermin

  24. Response to the last comment: either you are joking or you are one of the silliest and most malicious and nasty persons on the planet and if I saw you kill a cat I would hit you with a bl**dy hammer and bl**dy hard!

  25. hey there only cats ya sook....

  26. And you are only a human being or an apology for one. We are all living breathing creatures and there is no reason why people are any more important than cats or other animals. Why should they be more important? Humans are animals too. It is ridiculous to say that they are "only cats".

    1. I don't know how to "fix" these people so that they're whole and don't feel the desire to stomp out the spirit or life of another being. I am normally so positive, but to witness this. And then see the comments above. I don't think I've ever felt anything quite like this. It's so hurtful to not be able to protect, to be torn from people you love simply because of such hatred and abuse. Yes, it tears that much into -- think about families who have pets where someone in the household is cruel... It's not okay!

      I will stop ranting. I guess I just got to feeling that I wanted people like that to understand and to have a tiny ounce of compassion. Even when I'm in a situation where I want to stomp something (an intrusive insect), I try to still stop and consider if there's a way to go about it better, and I try to always ask myself if it's my inner "ego" wanting to exude some kind of power by crushing a life of something smaller. I never really looked at things (especially insects) that way, or viewed their lives as important. And I'm certainly not trying to say we should all make it our duty to never do away with pests and to just allow all animals and other living things to intrude on our lives and homes. Not at all! By all means, make your home your comfortable area, but please don't harm animals. Prevent what pesters you from coming into your personal space and then leave the rest who are just living their lives be. There are people out there who are in touch with their hearts (and I wasn't always that heartfelt myself, but never could harm) and I can see that you are one of those....

    2. Hi K, I'm probably older than you. I'm 65 years of age. The older I get the more I despair somewhat about humankind. I agree that these comments are sickening and depressing.

      As far as I'm concerned I do not see any sort of fix for these people. There are probably or possibly more of them than ever before.

      The world is becoming more and more competitive. This brings out bad behaviour due to stresses and other forces.

      Politeness and manners are decreasing. Morality appears to be on the slide.

      I have a pessimistic view of the outcome and it will take a lot for me to change my mind.

      There are many people who wonder whether humankind will survive another thousand or more years. There is certainly some doubt about it bearing in mind the behaviour of a large segment of society.

      The hatred that these people have for cats and their willingness to kill them deliberately provides us with a glimpse, I think, of what is wrong and dark at the heart of humankind.

      Their attitude goes well beyond their hatred of the domestic cat

  27. Im an apology for a human being haha, your opinion mate , cats are pests and thats a fact, we have a huge feral cat problem where i live they keep having kittens , now this is not my fault i dont own a cat and never have ,but i have to deal with this issue everyday, seeing as you guys are cat lovers and are horrified at the thought of me destroying them , there is no other way , you people really need a reality check and stop looking at the world through rose coloured glasses

    1. Oh, I suppose you prefer us all to look through YOUR color preference when it comes to glasses, and your preference is so obviously HATE-colored glasses, and if hate were a color, it would be shit-brown. Rose colored glasses. LOL. Your way is so much better in its hatred and cruelty. Let us all just put on THOSE glasses. Then we'll simply wind up treating each other the way sick, disgusting folks like you treat other beings (i.e. cats.) Hey, we're all beings, right? That is how the world would be if we did as you'd like and switched the "rose-colored" glasses for your kind. You are as much of a joke as your ideals are.

    2. It is not that cats are pests, it is people who are the pests in allowing their cats breed or go astray and breed outside. This is a people problem not a cat problem. Punish the people and leave the cats alone. You are punishing the messenger. The message comes from the person who should take a more responsible attitude to cat caretaking.

  28. I love cats, and i agree with you that people who kill or hurt cats are complete psychopaths. But you shouldnt judge people just because they dont use proper grammar, some people just cant be bothered.

    Also my cat sometimes bites me, even though i dont do anything to him. I think its because he just wants me to let him be if im patting him or something. Is that normal? because you said cats shouldnt bite. and no he hasnt been declawed and he sometimes scratches as well but i think its an accident when im playing with him. And my cat doesnt really use his litter box, he goes outside but in our back yard so i dont think it bothers any of our neighbours.

    My cat was a stray and we got him from the RSPCA. Some evil person had just thrown him into the garbage bin.

    I cant understand why people hurt cats.

    Also i am a fourteen year old girl and have many friends and im not lonely at all!
    Who ever says that people who like cats are lonely is completely wrong.

    Yeah so freddy fox i think youre pretty cool since you stand up for cats like that, but just doing it on the internet wont help. Actions speak louder than words.

    People who take out their hatred anger whatever issues on cats should get a life! What did cats ever do to you? Theyre not hurting you. And if they kill like one bird or mice, think of how many living creatures your killing; eating beef, chicken pork etc. and destroying the earths rainforests where thousands of animals live.

    hypocrites you kill them yourself :0

    Yeh so cat haters got one thing to say GET A FUCKING LIFE! just cause youre sad and whatever doesnt mean you should take it out on other creatures. yeah and why are you on this site anyway? its for cat lovers yeah?

    okaaaaayyyy i wrote a lot more than intended. anyway ill just say i love my cat elvis! ~ <3 and rhcp forever


  29. "L" is my best friend and i love her and elvis her cat is so cute.
    and eeva is cute too.
    eeva is her sister, not a cat :)
    but cats are cool.
    i say meooowwwwww, and creepy year 8's think its sexy.
    meooowwwww. meeeooow.
    rainbow paddlepops and hugs from elinawelina, my bifflewiffle.

  30. L , yep you said it your 14 and a moron

  31. I honestly think cat-lovers have underlying emotional issues. It's such a pointless animal, only bred for the sole purpose of being a human play thing.

    I don't like cats because they make me sneeze, crap in my garden, scratch up my car. However, I'm fully aware that it's not the animal's fault, they're just doing what's natural to it, it's really the fault of the demented selfish owners who buy/adopt cats knowing full well that they're going to cause havoc in the neighbourhood. But as long as the cat gives them pleasure, they couldn't care less about the collateral damage.

  32. The only good'un is a dead'un.

    Hey you cat lovers, can't you get a stuffed one? Or maybe there is some screen saver with cats to look at, just like the "aquarium". I don't like dogs either, but at least they are loyal and territorial. Cats are like whores, they will go and rub themselves on the legs of anybody who feeds or pets them.

    I will not rest until the neighbourhood is free of these vicious vermin, which leave their stinking shit and piss everywhere, and disturb my night's rest with their damn noises.

  33. I dislike cats because they are sly and i take great pleasure in smacking them

  34. ihatecats, a man or lady after my own heart. In the main cats are useless, like they are not going to frighten away a burglar unless they infect them with thier fleas. They only want attention when they want food, spend thier lives shitting, eating, shagging and sleeping.
    Now I know how to solve word hunger. Breed them in cat farms until they are of adequate size to ship to the 3rd world for food. This wat we keep these feline rodents population under control and they can at last serve a useful purpose. Another good use would be to use them to detect roadside bombs in Afghanistan. This will save our soldiers getting blown to pieces, and might get rid of a few more of these horrible creatures

  35. My comment to about the last comment. In the main humans are useless and you are clearly one of them.

    1. To have this site and to go this far to speak up for something so helpless. People so easily blow it off! "It's just a dang cat... They don't have feelings. They ain't people!" No, they aren't people, but they do have feelings and they do have a right to be here and living like us. I try to remember that they have their place on earth as much as I do. I love and adore cats, so obviously I can be bias, but no matter which side of the fence you're on, cruelty is cruelty. You don't have to be a cat-lover to see that someone who can harbor THAT much cruelty is in need of some kind of fix. We can always improve ourselves and become better humans. It's those who embrace their inner hatred and destroy things/beings for power that are of little use to anyone or anything and are quite frankly, like we've said, a danger to all.

      Okay, I really am done this time. Apologies for getting into rant-mode. I truly am grateful to you for taking the time to educate people and shedding some truth onto the issue of hatred towards cats. Your way of pointing comments out like that speaks volumes to readers. It really does, so no matter what negativity others have spewed at you for being brave, for being an actual hero for speaking up for creatures who can't speak up for themselves who humans have disregarded as disposable (because of the lack of real heart) is a huge thing! Kudos to you. I will always be grateful for your work. ;)

      And regarding your other points about cats and the myths surrounding them (being dirty, that only lonely people want/like them, etc.) were absolutely true, and most people who've ever spent a moment using their brains on the topic of cats will know this. Cats are FAR from dirty, as you said -- they clean themselves insanely! It blows my mind to see how often my cats are grooming, and most, as you said, when cared for (not homeless and lacking in needs) will be cleaner than most living things, yes, including us humans. I don't know of ANY other creature as clean as cats, including myself! If you ever smell a cat (again, one who isn't in need, but is healthy) you'll notice a pleasantly clean scent. In fact, one of my cats has the scent similar to a dryer sheet! Sometimes they can have icky breath, but nothing like what I've smelled from a human. Even so, dogs are dirty as hell (I know. I own one!) and we accept them with glee! We let them lay on us, in our beds and lick our mouths. I've even read a cat's mouth is cleaner than a dog's, but can't be sure it's 100% true, I could believe it though.

      I own cats, and have for years yet I feel the furthest thing from lonely! I have never in my life felt loneliness. Even so, there isn't anything wrong with being lonely! A person who makes comments such as "only lonely people like...." are just grasping at straws, looking for any way to put others down. Who cares if someone IS lonely, pets (especially a cat or dog) is the best treatment for that, so why down them?

      P.S. (I'd block and delete all the comments from Anonymous bastard because it's only a way to spread more hate!

  36. Actually cats are not useless. Alow me to explain; my wife has just got 2 kittens which i never wanted but anything to keep her happy. One (cat 1) of these comes in good use when things go wrong cos I pick it up by the back of the neck and smack it across the back. This is possible to do as this cat is only 10 weeks old and quite small Sometimes i don't smack it, and the look of fear in its eyes is magic as it hangs in one hand not knowing what is going to happen next. It is also useful cos it cant scratch you when suspended like this. The noise it makes as the hand connects is music to my ears. It run for its life this morning.
    This also has another effect because I act all upset that this cat spits at me a lot and my wife gets all sympathetic.
    The other cat (cat 2) I make lots of fuss of in front of the one I smack (cat1) and this makes the cat 1 really confused

  37. oh you big brave person, knocking about a poor defenceless kitten. it will grow up hating you, that is if you don't kill it first.

    cats are not my choice of pet, but then neither are snakes, rats or bears, but the fact that i won't have one does not mean i would be cruel to any of gods creatures. May you burn in hell you coward

  38. i have heard of some people blowing cannabis snoke at thier cats. Apparently ir is hilatious watching the cats when they are stoned howling and running round in circles. If there are a pair of them they start fighting, all claws and teeth. Brilliant

  39. got the little bastard kitten this morning. Crept up on it, grabbed it and smacked it right across its arse. Wow fid it hollar ot wfat? it is now cowering under rhw cifee table. Made my day

  40. got the little bastard kitten this morning. Crept up on it, grabbed it and smacked it right across its arse. Wow fid it hollar ot wfat? it is now cowering under rhw cifee table. Made my day

    Gosh I so enjoyed it smacking the little bastard my typing went to pieces so will redo where necessary

    Wow did it hollar or what? it is now cowering under the coffee table. Made my day.

    got a leather belt ready for when cat 1 next sticks it head out, a whack across its arse will soon sort it out.

  41. this is brilliant: the more I smack cat 1 and play up to the wife about how upset i am that her bastard cat does not like me the more attention i get from her. So watch out kitty, you are really going to get it later when she goes out.

    the thought of all those cat lovers crying over me smacking this worthless cat has me in hysterics

    1. Killing cats one at a time7 December 2012 at 20:52

      You sir are my hero. Love it.if you want will help you think of crazy shit to do to it fucking nasty useless cat they should be rounded up and shoot then burn then put in a bag and and step on till it is a bloody mess

  42. apologetic father2 October 2009 at 11:40

    I must apologise to cat lovers who amaybe reading this on behalf of my son and his friends. I found that they were posting about being nasty to a kitten which they called cat 1. This i have found was thier silly idea as a wind up to cat lovers.

    we do not even own a cat, we did years ago but poor old sooty died and we have never got another one because we were thinking no cat could ever replace sooty. he was such a character always up to something but at 15 years old he suddenly laid down one day and never woke up,

    My son has been warned of his future conduct and rest assurred he will not be visiting your blog again

  43. you weirdo cats are true as a ymo and a wiccan i support cats

  44. oh bollocks, i am really annoyed the cat 1 thing was just some silly little sods winding up cat lovers.
    I was so happy thinking of the kitten getting smacked with a leather belt. I was visulising it screaming in pain as each swipe hit its worthless carcas and the sound of the belt. I was laughing out loud at the pain this little fucker was going thru whilst I thought of all u cat lovers crying because they know that somewhere in the world some little bastard cat was getting it's comeuppence.
    Never mind, i will have to find one to inflict pain on until i get bored with it and drown the little fucker in the local river.

  45. All these comments about smashing cats to pieces have given me an erection.

  46. I now have a kitten which gets a regular smack. This keeps it in order, nothing hard that will damage bones but slaps with the hand. It did get a smack with a belt across its worthless carcuss but i prefer it's yelps of pain after a slap. when hit with a slipper it screamed in pain but it did not give me the same buzz that a good slap with my hand does.
    I will continue this smacking until i get bored with the little fucker then it will get a one way trip to the local river where i will put it inside a bag weighted down with bricks, then its bye bye cat.

  47. Personally, I would love to give a massive f*cking slap to the sick prick who made the last comment. Really if any of you gits come near me..beware. I don't care about the consequences.

  48. Ha Ha to you who called me a sick f-ck. Said kittem is now feeding the fishes. The bag it got put in sunk very quickly. Before it sunk the little bastard was given a good smacking with a fly swat.
    That will teach you not to call me names.

  49. meow meow glug glug

  50. I've got three kittens who were born just under a week ago. They are ever so cute and make me really happy with their playful ways. They've had closed eyes for quite a while, however, I got a bit tipsy a few nights ago and foolishly pulled their eyelids open, and now all they do is rub their eyes and whine. Can anyone offer any advice?

  51. send them to me, I have some bags, bricks and the river is nearby.

  52. You mean to say that you got drunk and pulled open your poor defenceless kittens eyes when they're supposed to open naturally after a few weeks? You are a disgusting human being, you make me sick!

    Although I'll be honest, your comments did get me sexually aroused. I find cat abuse extremely pleasurable.

  53. Have you read the article The Dark Underside Of America’s Obsession With Cat Ownership? It gives you ample evidence why cats are a dangerous health risk and how they're destroying American morality.

  54. I also strongly dislike cats. This dislike developed over time. I gave them a chance. They DO destroy furniture, and they DO make the place smell like piss and shit, both extremely annoying. Mostly I dislike them though because no matter how wonderful a cat can be, it is still essentially worthless. A really good dog, on the other hand, can serve a plethora of valuable, practical, human-assisting functions including guarding you while you sleep, alarm system, herding cows and sheep, assisting with hunting in lots of varied ways, retrieval, tracking/odor detection, etc. And oh yeah, they ALSO kill mice and rats, cats' supposed only practical function. Not only that, but dogs can kill other vermin such as dangerous snakes, coyotes, foxes, etc. I don't dislike cats enough to want to hurt them, but I'll say that if I was in a survival situation, the cats would get killed and eaten, whereas the dog would definitely earn his keep.

  55. most upset. i heard that if u put mains voltage thru a cat its eyes light up. What bollocks, tried it om a kitten I got and the fucking thing twitched and died, shitting on the floor in the process.

  56. I hate the people who own the cats because they don't take care of their cats. If my dog scratched the hood of a vehicle or decided to sleep on it, I bet the cat owner would be mad. Why should I put up with another person's pet sleeping, leaving paw marks and scratches, sitting in my window sills or on my porch when its not my pet! If my dog did all of those things, the cat owner would call animal control! So I am just supposed to let the neighbor's cat hang out on my vehicles and porch and keep my door closed so my dogs don't go through the door to get the annoying cat! Please! The problem is the arrogance of the cat owners thinking they are entitled to let their cats do whatever they want because keeping them indoors or putting them on a leash will cause damage to emotional well being of the cat. I am tired of these people and you know who you are because you have that weird smile right now reading this because you know you have irritated someone. In conclusion, it is that type of person that owns a cat; he/she has a problem and uses their cat as a passive aggressive way to get back at everyone else for their own shortcomings.

  57. Having drown the little bastard cat in the local river I am really bored cos i aint got one to slap about now. I used to so enjoy smacking the little bastard with a belt. It was particularly funny if i caught it while the thing was asleep as it really lept in the air. The fucking thing spat at me one time so for that got a good kick up its arse.
    Suppose I will get another one to slap about when the mood takes me. This one will be sent to meet its maker using poison mixed in with its food

  58. Don't be tempted to put a kitten in a microwave. I tried it during Halloween to impress some children, but it went a bit wrong and made a real mess of my kitchen. The smell took weeks to leave my house. I really regret it, so don't be tempted.

  59. Ah but did you microwave in full power or defrost?

    Ha ha, the image of this kitten going tound and tound on the microwave tray as it is binbarded with the microwaves has me in tears of laughter. Oh well at least you know your microwave works.

    i am tempted to put one in a freezer and see how long it takes until the little bastard stops scratching to get out. I reckon if it lasts 20 minutes it will have done well

  60. death to all cats21 November 2009 at 15:43

    Got a kitten on a Monday
    kicked it up the arse on a tuesday
    smacked it on a wednesday
    punched it around the head on a thursday
    burnt its paw on a friday
    hit it with a belt on a saturday
    and on sunday let it have a day of rest.

    continued the fun on the monday thru the week

    put it out of its misery on the sunday.

    Now I am going to get another one that i with have some real fun with

  61. I'm pretty sure most of the people posting various harm that cats have come to at their hands are full of shit; people like to rile up other people because it gives a sense of power and influence. Cat lovers, relax.

    The cat lovers here haven't been asserting that their pets are entitled to destroy other peoples' property, but just that cats don't deserve arbitrarily malicious treatment or evil. Cat haters, relax.

    Conclusion: Some people like to have cats as pets and have a moral obligation to make sure that their decision to do so does not negatively impact those around them.

    Some people don't want to have cats as pets and they don't have to; however, just as the argument is being made that one's cat-damaged property is sacred, so is the well-being of the others' pet.

    If you feel unfairly treated because of your neighbour's pet's behaviours, bring your concerns to your neighbour and resolve them peacefully. Their reaction to your concerns warrants a similar reaction of equal magnitude.

    If they are willing to accommodate your concerns, be tolerant when the cat acts unpredictably; training takes time. If they refuse to accommodate your concerns (e.g. for the "emotional well-being" of the cat), they are acting irresponsibly and it is their fault if something bad happens to the cat/their cat's poo gets thrown back onto their property.

  62. All this talk about beating up kittens is sick. I used to not like cats because I did not know of how much fun they can be.
    There is nothing like having a cat sat on your lap purring whilst you are stroking it, they are so much fun seeing them playing with pens, small balls or seeing like my one does looking at its reflection in a mirror and it looking behind the mirror trying to see where this other cat is. We have two and they are such fun, play fighting with each other, chasing each other all arounf the house. I am not to sure how we ended up with the two, my wife took them of of an old lady whose cat had kittens to look after as the old lady could not cope with them and we were going to find a home for them.Somehow we have ended up keeping them and they are such fun.

  63. Cats are the worst pets. I found a mother and kittens and wanted to help them but all they've done in my house is destroy my furniture, make a mess, climb all over my kitchen counters and stink up the place. I am trying to find them all homes, but no one is taking them! They are only getting bigger and becoming more destructive.

  64. Instead of turkey, I'm having my neighbour's cat for Christmas dinner this year. They've such versatile pets

  65. QUOTE: It is ridiculous to say that they are "only cats".

    So.... what else are they?

    Also that drivel about "seeing the world like a cat" or something to that effect?

    I have also observed that many pet owners readily express concern and affection for their beloved property and it upsets me that this can often be far beyond anything they seem to be capable of showing toward other humans.

    Cat faeces is 'tangy'.

    Owning pets is a small but nonetheless valid part of the ginormous excesses of our overly materialistc lifestyles.

    There really is no need to argue about this and cruelty to animals is obviously barbaric to anyone capable of even the simplest of defining human qualities eg. empathy.

    Ironically without those qualities I would classify someone as an animal themselves. It's up to you to decide whether that means it's then OK to kill them or if we have a responsibility to help them.

    I think cats look cute but ultimately I feel they are a waste of my time. And histamine.

  66. So, according to your post, disliking cats equals to bearing social and psychological issues.

    As long as your post it, it has absolutely no relevant or coherent content. The length of a post doesn't decide it's relevance, you know. All that stuff you typed out is pretty much useless when looked at with a clear mind. All it does is stir up cat haters and propagates cat lovers to stir up cat haters even more.

    Have a nice day, and I'm open for any debates with you, but you better not be bringing any fallacies like the ones you used up here, because I'm not going to respond to such nonsense.

  67. I hate cats, I mean i hate cats, to the person who wrote the whole meaning to that picture! Get a life! You have taken 5 minutes of my life I'll never get back! Cats piss me off and that picture sums up exactly why, bar the baby thing! Miserable with as much of a personality as a tree! I love dogs!!!!!!

  68. I have to say that I don't HATE cats I strongly dislike them as I found out. My wife and I have a German Shepherd dog about 8 months old and we wanted to get another puppy for them to play and have each other but thought it was too soon. So my wife and I thought (since we do love animals) what about a kitten? Well I did some research and I found out that dogs and cats if introduced properly could co-exist in the same house hold and be merry.
    After some careful thinking and trying to find the most beautiful cat we went to a a residence and saw that kitten, the mother, and the environment to make sure that the cat was treated and nurtured correctly. We bought the cat after the second time we went there so we could have some time to interact and watch its behavior. It was playful and curious. Two traits that we thought were important.
    We brought him home and named him Caesar for his beautiful white royal coat and immediately began to show him his new home. The introduction to our GSD Zeus went smooth. But after several weeks things started going bad.
    Here are some of my problems with Cesar:
    He has two litter boxes and urinates on the beds couches, Zeus's bed... He knows how to use the litter box and has done so. but doesn't seem to like it much. They are placed in a quiet area and available 24/7 which is why we bought two of them.
    Second, Clawing on furniture, the wood railing on the base of the stairs, carpet, window drapes, my military uniforms, my wife's dresses and even poor Zeus who actually got an infection from that. We have tried to solve the problem by buying him toys that keep him entertained (not that they claw from boredom) got him a damn expensive scratching post, cut his nails, let his nails grow, used plastic covers that either fall when he attempts to claw, or don't stay on for more than a day or two. I am not a big fan of surgery to de-claw him and I won't. Its wrong. So I don't know what else to do about that.
    Ok let's talk about some minor things but still frustrating never the less. His meowing. It's constant, whether its for attention, food, or no reason at all. After he stops meowing we give him what he asks for to try and avoid the "Oh! I got what I wanted by meowing."
    He wakes us up at night with a meow. "Feed me right MEOW!" and then he tries to sleep on my head!
    Zeus doesn't mind it when Cesar cuddles next to him on his bed. We don't mind it either.

    1. You are a complete idiot loser for putting up with all the disrespect from this animal. If it very cold where you live just boot it outside! Unbelievable people let these stupid cats completely destroy their homes!! You can never ever get cat piss out! You work hard to let this crap cat destroy your things! Your a glutton for punnishment!

  69. Now I'm not complaining I'm just sharing a bit about it cause my wife and I can't take it anymore.
    Last thing I'm gonna throw out there. He smells. We are a clean family and try to keep Zeus clean as well. We bathe our dog and keep him fresh often since we go to the dog beach all the time. But as with the cat my research indicated that cats do not need to be bathed by the owners and that they will instinctively do so on their own. We we see him licking away often enough to know when he has a hairball in his throat (scared us to death the first few times) but he still smells. And I know he's a animal but I have been in other peoples homes with cats and they don't. We took him to a pet as per the vet saying that he might have had some fleas and that either give him some chemicals down his spine or a good bath may solve the problem. Well we don't like to put chemicals on our pets and we took Cesar to a groomer. The groomer requested we don't bring him back to her because of his violent behavior. (We have never abused or struck our pets in any way so there is no reason for the cat to be afraid of the groomer and yes I know cats don't like water but not that much.)
    Cesar smelled ok for about 2 weeks and then started reeking again.

    At this point I'm guessing I got a poor cat that either is not happy in this home or has a very evil sense of humor. Both which seems unlikely. I'm this close to saying "I hate cats." Although I should probably just leave it at "My cat."

    And please I don't need advice, I've read countless of articles and books on cat behavior and how to care for cats from professional cat show authors to simple animal lovers. I'm tired of advice. BLAHHHH

    I almost hate cats.

  70. This immature, immoral, cruel talk of cat cruelty is purely reflective of underlying personal issues or little education.
    1. Myth - Cats are pests and destroy local wildlife.
    Please educate yourself by reading the following:
    2. Myth - it is the cat's problem, not mine.
    Have you read any of the recent literature regarding domestic violence, antisocial behaviour, and animal cruelty. It is FACT that cat hatred/cruelty is indicative of conduct disorder in children, which can graduate into other antisocial behaviour (human violence, criminal activity). Many murderers and serial killers demonstrate a long history of cat cruelty.
    3. Myth - As for cats being regarded as 'sneaky', 'treacherous' and 'selfish', these perceptions of cats did not arise until the association with witchcraft, as forced by Christianity. Before the rise of Christianity Europe, cats were revered in Ancient Egypt.

    So either you're f&#^ked up or you are severely misled by religion and modern attitude.

    Learn what you're talking about or shut up and save the embarrassment

    1. Denial at work. So you're telling me that the work of researchers and professionals is all make believe?

      Also cats are independent animals (hence the "selfish" term from people) by nature. I love big cats and tolerate domestic cats but I think cat lovers need to get a grip when others announce the current and real problem with feral housecats and outdoor housecats in general.

  71. To Kisha,
    myth 1, Biased.
    Myth 2, erroneous, I kill snails, flies, rats, roaches, as a chil for fun and I've never hurt friends, family, or the desire to do so. Aparently if what you say is true then Obama is bound to kill someone or commit a crime of domestic violence against his wife. (he killed a fly on national tv that evil bastard.)
    Myth 3, sure let's blame religion! I guarantee you that the vast majority of people who claim to hate cats are either ignorant enough to know that religion is to blame for sneakiness or well educated enough to know that Egyptians used human slaves to create beautiful but pointless pyramids of Egypt. Instead they worshiped cats because the sun fried their brains.

    Lady or fag, dyke or lesbian (same thing I guess) edumacate yourself, get a loyal dog who loves to be loyal and affectionate. Or get a cat who conches at your sight from insecurity and the fact that it's useless.

    As for you other sick fucks who talk about hurting cats... Your doing it wrong! Duct tape is the answer, makes for an awesome hood ornament. Or doorbell just hang it outside your door with the tail hanging. People will know what to do.

  72. To Anonymous,

    1. You are obviously too stupid to come up with an argument for this one.
    2. I said cat cruelty as a predictor - I don't recall mentioning insects. You seemingly can't comprehend simple facts because you're highly emotive about the issue (hmmm what happened in childhood that made you so angry...)
    3. Both religions (Egypt and modern Christianity) have had some history with the discrimination of certain peoples, whether they be slaves/poverty or women. BUT it was Christianity that made the sharp division between animals and humans. AND it was Christianity that used cats as scapegoats for 'evil' and witchcraft.

    From the sounds of it, you hate women - so either you can't get a girlfriend or your mother spanked you a little too hard. As for 'edumacating' myself, I'm not the one that can't spell buddy. Worshiped? Chil? me the laughs at your expense.
    Go back to school or see a sick f*^k

  73. Oh please Kisha you are soooo full of yourself. Listen you are right a few misspelled words. I have seen many English major grads who spell worse than me. So that was pretty pointless.
    Yup too stupid to come up with an argument for myth 1. However as said in your source of Frankie Seymour I quote "Rights, both animal rights and human
    rights, are not really things you can debate. You either accept them or you don’t.
    Rights are difficult to argue because they are so bleeding obvious – and how on Earth
    do you fix whatever damaged synapse in the brain stops people from seeing the
    bleeding obvious?" lady you and I are proof of that. every opinion is biased yours, mine and Seymour's. Plus I'm not in Australia so who cares what Seymour has to say. And for your information we are not in the 14th century so nobody goes after cats because they are linked to witches... although some folks do go after Jews. Are you Jewish? A witch? Maybe a Jewish Witch (joking). But seriously I've never heard in my lifetime someone say Hey lets go after that cat cause we think its living with a witch! I've heard lets go egg that house I hate that bitch! (I didn't participate but I did supply the eggs.) So to my conclusion on your friends essay, might as well use it to start a fire and burn the witch and her cats out... in other words I don't believe that the paper is credited enough although it had its bibliography and sources. Those sources are also biased.
    2. you said "It is FACT that cat hatred/cruelty is indicative of conduct disorder in children..." Is it suggested or is it proven? its not a fact if its indicative.
    You didn't mention insects but isn't the idea the same... its a live creature, with feelings and emotions? Its OK to kill a spider but not a cat on the basis of what? That it's a mammal? Or that a cat is "cute" or "lovable." By the way how can you say I'm angry, Being emotive does not imply anger.
    As for my childhood, it was normal, you know the spanking for discipline, the church for sinning, sports, girlfriends, the usual. Nothing that angered my feelings towards cats. Just squished little bugs because nobody thought it was wrong or right, just because it was a childish and fun thing to do.

  74. 3. Again in TODAY'S world, there are no witch hunts or religions using the cats as scapegoats and it hasn't been like that for many many years. so don't bring stupid religion shit up. That's erroneous. Yes there is a fine line between humans and animals... it's called intelligence (I assume at this point your going to try and say I have none because you're upset.) We humans tend to use many things in the past as scapegoats its natural instinct, like Jews women (BTW somewhere in the bible its says that women are the root of all evil) and yes animals of all kinds, not just cats. So, shove religions up your cats ass for all you care it's pointless.

    As for women I don't hate them, I live with one and work with many. My wife and I are happy together something that couldn't be achieved without love, compassion and understanding. As for my mother's "spanking" it was good she did so, if she didn't I wouldn't be the person I am today and although you may think that I'm the most horrible person in the world for my opinions, I have achieved many great things in my life despite the heavy downfalls I've endured. The difference is when I fall I manage to learn and succeed where I failed before. I have many flaws some I'm less then proud of many others I've learned to overcome and change myself for the better.
    Laugh at me all you want but in the end my doorbell still puts a smile on my face.
    What really bothers me about you is that you are more concerned for a cat then the welfare of Americans, although at this point I figured you probably aren't or need to move to Canada. Go smoke your hippie shit elsewhere. People like you make America WEAK because you don't understand the important issues at hand rather than a stupid house pet that has absolutely no loyalty or purpose.
    Go back to your forest you god damn liberal.

  75. aint been on for sometime so must update on the bastard cat we are stuck with. My wife got it, even though i never wanted it but it is useful for knocking about when things go wrong.It is about 8 months old
    It has been slapped, hit with a leather belt, and a pair of slippers, and today the fucking thing has a cold. off to the vets for an examination and a huge vets bill. It aint been outside yet and the vet has said it is ok to let it out. So opened the door and the fucking thing would not gop out. It will soon with my foot behind its worthless carcass and hopefully won't come back. With any luck it will get run down, or a rattler might get it

  76. I hate cats because they are lazy. They sleep, eat, shit, shed fur (on everything). They meow to get attention, which screeches through my soul. Cats are not your friend. Cats are needy, complainers, users, and not loyal. I will never date a girl if she has a cat, because in the end it will be an issue. When a cat lies on furniture, or anything for that matter, just laying there shedding being lazy I wanna throw it out the window.

  77. Initially I wasn’t going to comment as I didn’t want to waste my breath on such a bunch of uneducated Neanderthals. I’m neither a cat lover nor a cat hater and I respect the people who have stated ‘I’m not keen on cats, this is why……….but I wouldn’t hurt one.
    You Neanderthals however are a different matter altogether you really give me cause for concern. Anyone who can cause pain and suffering to something that can’t fight back should be watched closely.
    You clearly have inadequacies. You feel that you have to make up for your shortcomings by inflicting pain on unfortunate creatures. You who said you got an erection when a cat was killed. How very sad. You probably don’t even know what an erection is, and even if you did you probably wouldn’t even notice it because you’re penis is probably very tiny, like your brain. What’s the problem? I would imagine you can’t even get a girlfriend let alone an erection. You are probably so stunted and so lacking in any social skills you have to rely on pain and suffering to get your kicks. I bet your parents are so proud.
    As for leaving comments on websites as ‘anonymous’ and not bothering to use correct punctuation, spelling and grammar, for god’s sake get a life and an education because no one except your fellow dimwits take you seriously. No one really cares what you think because you are inconsequential.
    Going back to why you should be watched; many killers and rapists started with small animals before moving onto bigger prey such as women and children. I’m not being melodramatic because it’s a fact. You’re very sick in the head. If you lived near me I would be watching you………closely. You’re type are usually easy to spot because your knuckles drag on the floor.
    Bet you all think you’re such big clever men don’t you? You are cowardly losers. I notice the owner of this website has ceased his comment’s, I don’t blame him because quite frankly I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. He’s the clever one leaving you to shame yourselves for the world to see with your illiterate, pathetic comments.
    Have you noticed that the comments that contain correct grammar etc are the ones from cat lovers and those that aren’t keen on cats but wouldn’t hurt one? Well, well no surprise there eh?
    Now piss off back under your rock’s because you’re just not worth it, brain dead just doesn’t even begin to cover the extent of what you are.

  78. Hey lady, do you have any qualifications to determne that the statements you posted are true? NO! Shut up and go away. If you weren't going to post something and then you did then you are the neanderthal. Dumbass!

  79. Well well another anonymous no surprise there. What are you afraid of? That someone you know will recognise you for the sad loser that you actually are?

    I decided to comment because unlike you who I have a valid point. I don't have to be qualified to know that sicko's like you have bigger more concerning issues. Do your research it’s a fact.

    If you mistreat an animal that cannot defend itself you are nothing but a disgusting coward. I do hope you are found out.

    A lot of people probably hate YOU but they don't say 'I would like to drown him, kick him or beat him do they? Or do they? I hope so.

    You may not like cats but they are still god’s creatures and you should live and let live.

    The person who beats his wife’s cat, another brave man, I bet she beats you eh? Hen pecked are you? Is that why you take it out on her cat? Yet another brave man aren’t you?

    To all you brave butch men I hope a real man recognises you for what you are and beats the bloody crap out of you! Because believe me none of you are men you are just meek little mice only brave enough to post your pathetic little comments as anonymous.

    Well I'm done because none of you are worth the time of educated unbiased people. Don't bother having a go back, your words mean nothing to me, like I said in my previous comment you are inconsequential.

  80. The anonymous guy. Bitch!21 March 2010 at 08:15

    God damn! For someone so educated as yourself you can't web spell God properly. Go shove a cat up your vagina. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say.

  81. To Tracey

    You have entered a form of hell on earth. Well done but be brave.

  82. To Tracey, and everyone else who keeps arguing with these stupid anonymous jerks. Please click and read on the link.

    Every time you respond to stupid people this is what happens.

    Click here for an explanation of the link above.

  83. The anonymous guy.21 March 2010 at 19:06

    You spell "recognise" recognize, and you seriously have punctuation and grammar issues too. Dumbass uneducated troll! Quit trying to mess with my emotions!

  84. Dear Freddie Fox,

    Gee, you have a real issue with people who state "i hate cats."

    Maybe it never crossed your mind that their owners let them out at night to shit in everyone else's yard and fuck other cats at night when we are trying to sleep. Their excrement is highly toxic to an unborn child. They also destroy the local ecosystem by killing off bird and small wildlife.

    Think of that next time before you type a useless message

    Personally I believe the best type of cat is a dead cat.

  85. never seen the attraction myself. I prefer big cats like lions and tigers in the wild.

    Little household cats are nowhere near the beuty and majesty of the big cats.

  86. To Tracy,

    You were doing so well until you mentioned "god". I'm afraid your education has failed you.

    Good day,

  87. nothing against cats as long an=s they stay out my garden. Cats arent pets they are pests. nothing more than large rats. If people wont to own them then they should keep them in the house. If i let my dog just wander around and shit everywhere then it would be taken away. So why dont cats get taken away?

    i'm in the process of modifying a high power ultra sonic cat thing. i dont want it just to come on when a cat coming in the garden i dont want cats in the street.

    There is this ginger one that has taken to sitting on the bonet of the car scratching it. I have run it over twice. shot it witht he paint ball gun and it still sits on the car.

  88. It appears all of the "enlightened" cat loyalists are defending an animal that takes pleasure and pride in killing other animals. The little wretches then leave you, the adoring owner, all the toxic tasty bits *kidney, liver, intestines* as a sign of affection.
    With this logic, could one suppose that cat owners have suppressed violent and masochistic tendencies because they worship such a completely wretched and evil animal with a penchant of bloodletting for sport?
    Ever watch a cat torment something, they do it for pleasure...not always out of need.
    Just an observation.

    1. Exactly!!! They toy with it!! That is not hunting food out of necaessity or instinct t they are evil! Would never date a guy with a cat before I got married! Mommy issues! Lol

  89. You took this illustration way too seriously, Freddie.

    I also cannot stand cats, and I understand them perfectly. I just hate their superior attitudes and the fact that they're not flexible animals. I'm a very spontaneous and free-spirited person, which cats are not. I have a dog and she loves to interact and follow me around, and she loves going places with me, something a cat would never do. And once a cat is in your home, they feel that they're the ruler of the household, which I won't tolerate from an animal. I prefer the pack mentality that dogs have. They're far more social animals and they recognize natural order. Dogs need a leader, and they're happy to work and please their master. Cats don't give two shits.

  90. I like your blog. I would get a cat but my Mom wouldn't let me. So I have a dog. I like cats. I don't LOVE LOVE LOVE cats but, hey, they okay. Anyone that wants to do harm to ANY creature is a bad person. Really bad. And Anonymous, if you want to shoot a cat, how would you like it if a cat shot you. I know it probly won't happen , but hey. THINK! Also Freddie, I like your logic. :)

  91. The anonymous guy. said...
    You spell "recognise" recognize, and you seriously have punctuation and grammar issues too. Dumbass uneducated troll! Quit trying to mess with my emotions!

    21 March 2010 12:06

    Actually it is spelt recognise in England, rocognize is the American way of spelling it.

  92. Would you like your meds now?
    They are just cats, for crying out loud. They can't help their selves.
    Humanity by itself looks like it will end up in the way Avatar described it.

  93. Your asking where our meds are, and you bring up avatar? You are unbelIevably retarded. Makes me want to kill you as well as the cat. You, I'm guessing, are the one that needs meds.

  94. I myself have been a cat lover since i was 3, but i have come to hate them because their 'nature.'

    Yes it is instinct for a cat to hunt wildlife and the innocent pets of others, and it is for this reason they should be confined just as dogs are.

    Also you pick on people for their grammer, but your grammer is actually pretty appaling.

    Another thing, you bang on and on about people who hurt cats because they can't deal with people. As a retired divorce Solicitor your opinion of people seems to be severely tainted as you would be used to only seeing the worst that people have to offer.

    You say cats are clean and bury their leavings, thats all well and good, unless they happen to be digging up your garden to do so.

    To summarise.

    1. Cats 'do it' because it's natural for them, but this is a problem that can easily be fixed.

    2. Other people should not have to suffer the pain of their pets falling prey to cats, or spend money to buy 'cat deterants' as the owner should take responsibility, but inevitably, don't.

    3. You are a douchbag.

    Yours sincerely,

    An EX-cat lover.

  95. All cat lovers are blind to the fact that cats are worthless, smelly, filthy animals. They crap in your house, cover everything with hair, and are generally aloof buttholes. Why would you want an animal like that in your house. I am allergic to cats and have asthma, for me they are a health hazard. Cat owners have no respect or sympathy for my conditions. They assume I am over reacting and exaggerating my symptoms. The only thing worse than cats are cat owners. They are lonely misguided weirdos.

  96. I have shot many cats around my house. They make worthy targets and have played an integral part in honing my marksmanship. As a bonus their carcasses have fed many of the foxes and coyotes around my home. These additional targets have provided an income which allows me to purchase mor ammunition for Feline eradication. I have never known a cat that didn't answer to the name target. If I see your cat at my house it will surely ingest a lead pill. Have a great day all you cat lovers, just know your cat is in danger as long as I walk the earth. I hope to meet all of your kitties soon. BTW My name is Ed and I have killed 43 cats this year. So fuck all you assholes who say we anonymous poster are cowards. Look forward to seeing your cats soon.

    1. Actually you should bury the carcasses as they are toxic to everyone and every animal around you

  97. not been back for a while as have been so busy smacking some kittens about that I have got. There was 5 but 1 ran out of the house when i was smacking it with a stick and got run over by a car. What a mess. Still one less of the bastards to feed.
    The others are being experimented on, 1 has been left outside in a box with no food or water and it must be nearly 90 degrees C. Another 20 minutes then in for a good smacking. The other 3 are currently hiding under a chair having been given thier daily smacking. They are about 10 weeks old and the noises they make when hit is magic. One is going to be suspended in a bag later on today where it will be used as a punchbag. One of the others does not make as muuch noise as the others when hit, so it is going to cat heaven or hell tonight. Not yet decided on the method of exercutuiion but it will be as painful and slow as I can make it for the little bastard. The 3rd one, did I mention has had one of its eyes burnt out is meeting its maker tomorrow,
    Take that you sad cat lovers

  98. following on from above, the 5 cats are now down to 2. One run out and got run down by a car, the one out in a box in the hot sun was dead by the time I got it in, so it avoided its smacking. I took this out on one of the others, as i missed the oppertunity. The other one that has gones was put inside a box which was set on fire, the howls of terror and pain have been captured on tape and will soon be on U-tube.
    Now how do I dispose of the other 2 kittke bastards?

  99. The bonehead that created this blog stopped replying. What a shame. If Freddie Fox (ultra gay name) was smart, (s)he would give people tips on how to keep cats out of the yard. That might save a cats life! Instead, the idiot just makes snide comments, and calls genuinely angry folks ignorant....FAIL

  100. personally I like cats, although Icould not eat a whole one all in one go.

    only joking

  101. That's the stupidest thing i've heard...basically you're saying, if you hate cats then you're thick. And I really hate to break it to you, but there are some clever people who can write and just hate them and that's there choice. Was that good enough english for you...or did i write something wrong because i don't like cats?

  102. That's the stupidest thing i've heard...basically you're saying, if you hate cats then you're thick. And I really hate to break it to you, but there are some clever people who can write and just hate them and that's there choice. Was that good enough english for you...or did i write something wrong because i don't like cats?

    Well no, people will value your opinion about disliking cats, but if you say killing cats and kittens FUN is not cleaver at all. There are less people that have sophisticated arguments opposing owning a cat ok fair enough. Some people are so dense they just blurt out nonsense, and make it out as fact.

  103. You are all sick. Cats have emotions like we do. I hate cats, but i support them. Just because they are not like us or they make our houses smell like sh*t doesnt mean they are bad or stupid or worth killing. So what if i f**king hate humans? Got a problem with that? I dont give a sh*t what humans think, all life is sacred. AND IM NOT A VEGAN, SO HA.
    Animals are just as good as humans. Actually, humans are lower than animals. I have felt emotions of millions of people, I know every way of torture and ways of dying. I feel like sh*t sometimes, regretting that i killed that defensless child in that one life.... Lives are meant to be cherished, not tortured or abused. Sometimes i wish this universe never existed.

    1. uhhhh...

      THIS is why we kill feral cats.

      THEY are miserable and make everything around them miserable too. It's a lose lose situation but the best course of action is to kill them.

  104. you sound like a terrorist. That makes you a cat. and I fuckin hate terrorist cats. I wish you never existed.

  105. So what if I sound like a terrorist?
    I have my opinions and you need to shut up. Why are we fighting amongst each other when we have bigger problems to face?

  106. The IKEA cat advert - how it SHOULD have ended.

  107. I'd never have a cat as a pet, because they're very nonchalant about people in general. I'd have a mouser cat if I lived on a far, but that's the only cat I could see myself getting.

    REALLY NOW? You're just trying to come up with something. I bet you don't even care about rare birds. Pet cats usually suck at hunting anyway. Feral cats do it to live. So do many other animals. If you have other wild carnivores/omnivores in your area, you should understand this. If you don't want them to kill birds then make them an indoor cat. If you are just referring to feral cats, then put out food for them and your birds MIGHT saved. If they're not, I guess those cats just like hunting for sport, like we humans hunt and fish for sport. (Which I don't really like, unless they're going to eat whatever we caught.)

    I guess that's your opinion. Cats that are super fluffy, smash-faced, ragged-furred, or furless are the ones that might seem unappealing to you. If you dislike the look of a plain old cat, then whatever.

    They don't care. :
    Maybe, maybe not. Do other animals try to comfort you? A dog could just come to you because it wants attention, not because it absolutely knows that you're in pain or you are depressed. I'm not saying that dogs don't care, I'm saying it might not be just what you think all the time. Cats probably care, just that they don't really know what to do. They're not people, so how would we know exactly whether they care or not? You can't say that.

    They don't do anything. :
    Can't really argue with you on that, most cats are pretty lazy, especially when they get older. You CAN teach them tricks, or play with them by wiggling something around (I don't recommend your finger.) If you let them outside then they will bounce through the grass or climb up to high places. They might catch a lizard or mouse and bring it back as a gift. My cat did that once, she put a dead bird on my brother's pillow. He was very happy. Well, sort of. He was happy that the cat wanted to give him a gift, but grossed out because there was a corpse of a common bird on his pillow.

  109. I don't like the claws :
    Well, don't most pets have claws? Birds, lizards, dogs...hell, even mice! Did you know that I bite from a mouse made me bleed and a cat's bite didn't? Yeah. The claws might open up your skin, but it only scratched you because your either put it into an awkward position and it scratched you by ACCIDENT when trying to get back into a regular position, you got in the way of something it wanted, or you just pissed it off. The claws are retractable, so you don't always have to worry about them. As for them damaging the house, you just need to teach them that doing a certain thing is bad. If a cat dislikes a certain thing rub that thing or keep that thing near the place you don't want it to be.

    They're dirty :
    All animals can get dirty if you don't bathe them. Sure, they bathe themselves, and dogs don't. That makes them a bit cleaner than a dog. Giving the cat a bath is usually harder than bathing a dog, but some cats like water. They can get fleas, as humans can get lice.
    As for people complaining about how humans are much cleaner than cats, it's because we can actually do things that animals without opposable thumbs and complex brains can't do. You might as well hate all animals for being dirty.

    I am a 12 year old girl. I am NOT a vegetarian. In fact, I love meat, but I don't support killing animals if it is not needed. I don't really hate any kind of animal, but I don't really like bagworms. I live with my two cats, my dad, my mom, my sister, my brother, and my grandpa in a somewhat smaller-than-average house. I am not overly protective of animals. If I want to throw a living thing on the ground 'cuz it pissed me off, I will. (That's mean, though.) Lonely singles who buy cats are weird, but they are never the perfect cat owners. They usually end up taking bad care of their cats. They should actually get a dog if they're lonely, because a dog would be much more active and people might grow closer to a dog. (Unlike a fish...I starved that poor thing by accident.)

    I do not expect you to suddenly love or like cats. I am just saying you shouldn't hate any kind of animal species. I don't care if you hate a certain animal you know and it deserves to die. It doesn't count for the whole race. You may be misunderstanding the animal. It is people like you who start things like animal cruelty, which is about the same as taking a kid and starving them, covering them in bruises, or some shit like that.

    Don't hate on cat lovers.
    You can hate on cat hoarders like lonely old women, though.
    Or people who like throwing puppies into rivers.

  110. I don't like the claws :
    Well, don't most pets have claws? Birds, lizards, dogs...hell, even mice! Did you know that I bite from a mouse made me bleed and a cat's bite didn't? Yeah. The claws might open up your skin, but it only scratched you because your either put it into an awkward position and it scratched you by ACCIDENT when trying to get back into a regular position, you got in the way of something it wanted, or you just pissed it off. The claws are retractable, so you don't always have to worry about them. As for them damaging the house, you just need to teach them that doing a certain thing is bad. If a cat dislikes a certain thing rub that thing or keep that thing near the place you don't want it to be.

  111. They're always in my garden :
    Then just throw em' out. You didn't put any scent markings for them to follow, so how would they know it's your place? I'm pretty sure you don't WANT to put a scent marking. Their owners let their cats out because cats meow constantly if they don't get what they want. Who would want a cat meowing all night? Not me.

  112. No one should hate cats. Not everybody should love cats. Everybody should learn to live with cats (I don't mean you should get a cat...I mean you should be able to just go on casually without hating on a damn cat or thinking about killing it.)

  113. I have TWO cats, am married with kids...

    1 - They do not come when you call them.
    2 - hairballs (ruined carpet in several rooms).
    3 - One of them will over-eat and then vomit as a result.
    4 - Occasionally poop on the carpet.
    5 - Scrated children

    Good point, you can pet them...

    I read some comments written by some guy in England that says he's a lawyer. He made some comment in response to neighbor cats fouling up garden and being forced to live with it: "But we all have to suffer many things that displease us when we live close to each other". Total cop out, avoiding the problem. I am now led to believe that this guy is an idiot! This pushed me over the edge. I do not have to suffer because you are irresponsible and cannot keep your unmanaged animal inside your house.

  114. I stopped reading at "no animal can smile or laugh" word... a fucking book for a change.... ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is ignorance...

  115. That comic seriously went way over your head.
    But in all seriousness, my father has a cat and I honestly can't stand the thing. If it isn't rolling around in my bed, depositing its lovely feline proteins with its feces covered paws ( all of which I'm allergic to, by the way) it's swatting at my cockatiel as the poor thing tries to run to the corner of its already broken cage. It claws the dog and takes any chance it can to pee everywhere and scratch up my expensive leather furniture. It reeks of cat feces and honestly is not a pleasant creature to be around. The howling and constant begging is worse than that of any dog I've ever had.
    Your argument is also extremely flawed. You assume that not liking cats means that I would want to hurt it. You also assume that humanity is based off of how we treat animals below us. You believe that, but it is not a universally accepted truth. A cat hater will not reject all companion animals either. They just don't like cats. Get over it. You also try to compare cats to humans. Unless you have a pet human, this isn't helping or proving anything.

  116. People who hate cats.....the reason for the hate is usually because they are complete pests, shitt*ng and p*ssing on peoples property and killing innocent wildlife that people love to feed, nurture and observe in theyre gardens. Most cat lovers dont understand that it is completely RIGHT to be angry and fed up of having some cat (which does not belong to them) going on theyre property and sh*tting and other nasty stuff. Also what people are fed up of is the excuses and deluded-ness of a lot of cat owners/lovers. Cat lovers and owners who believe these excuses are right, read this slowly! ALL animals are `free-spirits` but somehow cat lovers think it is ok for theyre `pet` to roam and do whatever it wants on other peoples property. That is NOT acceptable. A `pet` is an animal which is looked after by the `owner` and the `owner` is responsible for the `pet` Cats that roam freely and enter property other than of the owner should not be classed as `pets`. For people who want to get cats, there should be some rules placed, if you are not willing to keep the cat inside or inside the perimeter of your `own` garden, or you are not prepared to put your hands in your pocket to build a enclosure or purchase cat fences, then dont get a cat! Its just not right for other peoples `pets` to enter peoples property and become a pest. Free roaming cats causing trouble should be put in the same category as vermin, because thats what vermin do. If a dog enters someone elses garden other than the owner and fouls in it, the person who owns that property will be very angry indeed! So its the same for cats. So cat lovers who let theyre cats roam and then use the claim `free spirits `are just lazy and using it as an excuse. Ask yourself, part of the reason you bought a cat in the first place was it because they are an `easy` pet? Yes we know you think cats are cute and cuddly, but think about it..... Just feed them, provide a cat flap for them and forget about them until its time for feeding and become totally ignorant to the trouble they are causing outside of your house. Yes that is so easy... Also another excuse `its what cats do` yes, its what they do, but it is not right. They cause damage to wildlife species, they become pests for other people (hello your neighbours! i guess you forgot about them.....) But you are forgetting that they are meant to be a PET, and sorry but pet cats have no right to go out killing stuff. Wild cats or stray cats, understandably will have to kill for FOOD, as no one is feeding them therefore they have to go and find it themself, but pet cats being allowed to go out and kill is totally not right, as they are PETS. And any cat owner who lets theyre cat go out killing is very ignorant. And all the bullshit about cats following theyre natural urges, there are plenty of cats who are indoors or looked after by responsible owners, who dont go out killing stuff, and they are perfectly happy. If a cat enters someones property and is a pest, then that person should have every right to remove the pest off theyre property, like other pests. I have respect for the cat owners who are RESPONSIBLE for theyre cats and conscientious for the people that live around them. I have NO respect for the people that are the opposite of that. Imagine having cat s*hit in your own garden, a place where you love to chill out, very unpleasant! So why should people put up with it? It is THEIR property and is is NOT their cat. I dont care for any bad responses cat owners/lovers might make to my comment, as it is the truth! TRY to stop looking at things in your own cat-fluff mindset

  117. use water spray.

  118. Anonymous is truly amazing. Incredibly ignorant. Cats are closer to their wild ancestors than dogs are. By about 4000 years. I used to be strictly a dog person. Until I found a sick kitten and decided to nurse it back to health. I have been an affirmed cat person since that day. They are wonderful, intelligent, loving animals. You haters have no clue. You claim they are selfish, aloof, etc.,etc,. Anthropomorphism at it's finest. They are quite affectionate IF TREATED PROPERLY. You treat them with indifference they will return the favor. Now as to the smell. I have two dogs also. They smell. I give them regular baths, but the reality is there is always some odor present. I also have 8 cats. None of them smell. My house doesn't smell because I keep the litter box clean. And you can also toilet train your cat. Let's see you do that with a dog. Cat's do not have the physical capability to save you. You are comparing 6-15 pounds on average, trying to save over 100 pounds. They kill birds.
    Mine don't. They will hunt, yes, if they need to to survive. THAT IS NATURAL FOR THEM. Just as humans will hunt to feed themselves if need be. You haters really blow me away with how ignorant you really are. Cats are incredible creatures. Leonardo DaVinci said "Even the smallest cat is a masterpiece." So true. Albert Schweitzer claimed "There are 2 means of refuge from the miseries of life. Music and cats." Again very true. They are happy to see me. They know when I am in pain or sad. They love to play. It has been proven that the purr of a cat has a significant affect on stress in a person. And it is very peaceful and comforting to listen to my cats purr. I never hear them bark or carry on when I am trying to sleep. They don't jump on guests when they come over. They don't beg at the table when we are eating dinner. I could go on and on but I think I have made my point. You haters need to grow up and realize that hatred of animals is counterproductive and downright stupid. Not just cats. Any animal. All you can do is sit there and whine about your garden. Big F*****g Deal. That's just a thing. Well would you like some cheese with your whine????

    1. I'll make this simple. Spay, neuter, don't let that cat out of the house since you love it so damn much. Don't give anyone here the means to kill it because frankly they have the right to kill that pet if it messes up their property. You don't respect their garden? They don't have to respect your furry predator.

      Also you probably have T. Gandii and will die from neurological issues one day. I also lost a LOT of respect for Leonardo Davinci.

  119. Dicedealer64 you definitely need to get laid! Nurse your test back to health. Hey maybe you can get your pussy or all 8 of them to purr you back to health! Sad fact is my dog is smarter than your pussy and all your cats. My German shepherd can also teach you and your cats how to poop in the toilet... Wait no... I'm sorry I didn't mean to tease I know you and your cats don't have the capacity to do so. I'll stop now... I'm starting to feel sorry for all you cat lovers. Get the damn cats out of my garden!

  120. Yes I can tell how smart you are. I am sure you are a wonderful guide to your german shepherd as well. Such an informed and sophisticated person such as you, surely must be a terrific master. YOU are the disgusting one. You don't see us "cat lovers" using profanity and sexual innuendo to get our point across. But I shouldn't be surprised as such a reaction coming from someone as obviously backwards as yourself. Let ME guess. Some guy, no girlfriend or wife, must have big doggie to dominate and feel macho around. I truly pity your dog. No animal should have an owner as ignorant as you.

  121. Oh my god! You're absolutely right about everything!!!! I'm going to go hang am soooo worthless and I want you to know you helped me see that. Uh.... Uh.... Nope not happening. Go choke on some meow mix.

  122. Response to last comment. You are obviously a complete arsehole. If you are American which is probably the case you might not understand that because you have slaughtered the English language.

    There are a lot of people like you around.

  123. Before you hang yourself, please find a good home for your dog. Couldn't care less about you, just a waste of skin in my book, but I would want the dog to be safe.

  124. I get a kick out of those who say that cats are clean. I know that somebody here already addressed that issue and hit the nail on the head. I think that soap and water, hell, even plain water is cleaner than cat spit. But my biggest gripe is with people who think that its "cute" when their cat jumps up on the kitchen table or dresser or sofa, and its usually after the filthy vermin was just in its litter box kicking its own sh*t around. Yeah, I want to sit or eat where its been contaminated with feline feces/urine.

  125. Response to comment above: As you are talking about cats generally I think it is fair to compare humans with people generally on a world wide basis.

    In my experience cats are cleaner than people on that basis. Billions of people hardly wash at all from day to day. They smell. Get on a bus in London and smell!

    When you say water is cleaner than saliva I think you had better produce some science. It may well not be the case. For instance animal saliva contains disinfectants.

    See Wikipedia article on this

    Please try and think before writing. It is your kind of thoughtlessness that does harm.

  126. So then when your cat leaves its litter box, leaving a trail of litter behind, jumps up on your bed and works its feces covered paws into your pillow, you have no problem with that? I mean because cat feces must be cleaner than anything us humans can come up with.

  127. I dislike cat owners because they think its 'natural' when their cat is well fed, yet brings them half dead tortured animals. I don't care if it IS natural, you are sick.

    I dislike cat owners because they think their kitty is loved by everyone, so its not a problem when I find landmines in my garden, or smelly piss on my front door. How cute!!!!

    People who own dogs are just as ignorant, but cats come on my property. Its the owners fault if they cant prevent their cat from being trapped and sent to the animal shelter, or worse.

  128. -sigh-
    Please do your research next time.
    Cats can easily be trained to use a real toilet.
    Before you go off making uneducated assumptions, try using the thing in your cranium called a 'brain'.
    And thank you, Freddie, for being supportive of this matter.
    It disgusts me to see people taking pleasure in destroying innocent lives and all they could care about is the smell left in their kitchen.

    1. Might want to use your own brain first before telling others to do so. Cats CAN be trained to use a toilet. Doesn't mean they are ALL trained to do so and that IS our collective rant and reasoning why we feel cats are dangerous and lethal pests in many situations. This might be why some crazy cat lovers are all up in airs taking it so uber personally when people in australia are killing feral cats.

      So you have a spayed indoor cat that never leaves your sight. Good on you, you deserve a cookie, but don't bitch to us like EVERY cat on the planet is the same damn way.

  129. I refuse to read all comments because after reading the first few I realise the majority of these pathetic posts are made my ignorant, poorly educated rednecks who have probably been abused in some way and never recieved the love and care from mummy/daddy that they should have and so sadly have grown up with major intellectual/emotional disorders and are well on their way to becoming serial killers if they arent already. Only a matter of time before these sick people end up in jail and off our streets anyways.

    I think its it is hilarious to hear people complain about cat being "vermin" - take a look at yourself cat killers - you are worthless, no doubt fat/ugly and clearly mentally incapable VERY damaged people who bring NOTHING to this world. Please seek help at your nearest mental institution or see a psychologist at the very least to get help with your childhood issues that have made you become so screwed in the head as to want to hurt innocent animals. You do know wrong that is? No didnt think so. because you are NOT normal, do you get that? You need HELP.

    Anyways, karmas a bitch and all that and hopefully you vermin cat killers will all get back what you have dished out 10 fold. I shall look forward to it. Waste of space you mentally stunted lot are. Now I am off to let my cat out to shit in your garden. Noooo not really, my cats are indoors only ;)

    PS To those that dislike cats without needing to hurt them, I can respect that even if I dont understand it. But hurting / killing cats for fun means there is a very fucked up person behind it.

  130. Response to last comment. I totally agree with you. Thanks for saying it on behalf of all sane people.

  131. I hate cats because I'm alergic, and I have come to the conclusion that these animals must be the most selfish on planet earth.

  132. I hate cats. I understand them just fine; I don't disagree with any of the "pro-cat" logic in terms of playfulness, friendliness, cleanliness, etc. But I still hate them.

    My fiancee has a cat. It has been raised following the advice of a long-time friend and cat-lover who has several cats of his own, all of whom are supposedly well behaved, loving, and intelligent. I hate this, and all other, felines, and living with it incites a dislike that slowly grows into a dull boil, and eventually full-blown rage, at which point I need to leave the house and engage in something vigorous and aggressive (typically boxing or a visit to the gun range) to release that.

    I don't need a reason to dislike a particular animal any more than you need a reason to like it, and disliking the animal in -no way- means I dislike nature. Death is a natural part of the world, and I dislike that. Poison is natural, and I dislike poison. Cats are a natural part of the world, and I -hate- them.

    Although, I could make the arguement that they aren't. Domestic cats are as un-natural as any other domesticated animal. More so, in fact, due primarily to their independant nature. Dogs, at least, are descendant of pack animals, and therefor respect discipline and authority instinctively.

    When a cat rubs against me lovingly, it irritates me. When it purrs, it annoys me. When it cleans itself noisily next to me, it angers me. The ever-present smell of his litter lingering on his fur sickens me. His insistence on climbing onto my kitchen counters and dinner table with the same paws he was digging around in his litter with infuriates me. His claws are destroying my home, and if I suggest to almost any "sane, rational, loving" cat person that I want his claws removed, I am a heartless person, or met with rationales like, "compared to humans with guns, claws are nothing."

    I'd like to take a moment to note, by the by, that I can at least attempt to talk a person with a gun down. Reason with them, or possibly disarm them. For that matter, many, many humans with guns aren't a threat; I -want- my police and military to have guns. I -want- my relatives to keep guns in their home, and carry them on their persons for protection. There is -no- solid reason for me to want any domestic cat to have claws. It does not need to hunt, there is nothing from which it needs to protect itself, and if you are being a "responsible cat owner", then the cat will never be in situations where the claws will save it. Therefore, they can -only- be used to rake my flesh, destroy my furniture, and cost me money. As one final note on this topic, for every one human that will kill or injure someone maliciously with a gun, hundreds of cats will cause damage to a human, another animal, or a household object with their claws. Comparable? Perhaps not to you. But I've never been faced with a human with a gun, and have no control over who will or won't have guns. I -can- control whether or not my cat will have claws.

    I. Hate. Cats. I've given you some reasons, nowhere near all, but somewhere around the first paragraph you wrote me off anyway. Decided I was illogical, that I was merely an angry person. I'm not. I -love- rabbits. And dogs. And hamsters, and ferrets. Almost any and every other animal, in fact. But I hate cats.

    And to you psych majors out there determined to analyze me and prove me wrong, no, I don't fear them. I loathe them. I won't run from it; I'd sooner punt it. It isn't hatred born of misunderstanding. It isn't hatred born of fear. It is hatred, pure and simple. Not everyone adores cats, and not everyone that hates cats is a bad person, a violent serial killer, or an uneducated lump or worthlessness.

  133. The guy above me has it spot on.. a fantastic comment.

    When my partner and me brought our two new cats home (she being an experienced cat owner and me newbie) I was filled with excitement for the two new additions to the family.

    And how wonderful the first few months went by. And then they got fleas, even though they had NEVER been outside and we had had no contact with anyone with fleas (knowingly I must admit). So we spent out a shed load and cured them of their plight... two weeks later. Fleas again.

    We didn't even realise they had them until we took them to the vets to be spayed and received a bollocking from the vet over our "poor care" of the creatures that we had invested hundreds in.

    Over time the cats began to claim the house for themselves... they decided that the cat litter we was using wasn't good enough for them and began defecating and urinating over the house after being previously litter trained. Several litter types later and we discovered the only one they would use... was going to cost us £28+ a week for our two large litter trays.

    Then the clawing began... they would stand on you and just dig their claws in. Repeatedly. Should you sit beneath a blanket they would attack you incessantly, wear socks and expect your feet to be mauled. They ruin furniture, rugs and clothes.

    They decided that my house plants that I have taken great care to look after belonged to them and ruined two of them by eating and clawing at them. Forcing me to move them all around the house and monitor them constantly when I try to put them in the sun.

    My house stinks.... they run cat litter through the house and then pull clothes down from the dryer and drag them through their dirtied litter. They walk all over the work surfaces with their dirty paws.... they lick themselves not only on the dining table but on the dam place mats.

    We try to train them not too but they simply do NOT care. All they think about is themselves and nothing else matters.

    And thus my hatred of cats is born... selfish, dirty and horrid creatures that will never ever replace a dog in the family house hold.

    Oh and by the way? When my little brother was born nearly 9 years ago... we had to keep our cat shut out of the room he slept in. As the cat would attempt to sit on his face. Probably because of the same reason they sit on a computer or a TV Box. For the warmth.

    So no... cats will kill babies and not just through Toxoplasmosis.

    Would also like to add I take no pleasure in seeing a cat suffer... nor would I ever. I do not wish them dead or in pain. I would just simply like it if they could stay the hell away from me.

    1. So your an idiot that let's your cats ruin your house and attack you! You deserve it! All cat owners are like that they complain snd it's their fault for not deposing of the disrespectful animals! Open the door let them out! There must be a Chinese restaurant around there somewhere!

  134. Kitteh's are stupid. I got 2 cats for free off the internet just so their life would suck and I could kick them when I see them in the garage I work in. Stupid Kitteh's

  135. As a cat-hater. Yes HATER of cats, I must say.. I am neither uneducated or soulless and i highly doubt I was a rodent in a past life. I do have not one, but MANY precise reasons for hating cats. Mostly they disgust me with their loud fur licking, stench boxes and random acts of violence... how can anyone ever like such a creature is beyond me and i pity those fools that do. If I wasn't a human with a soul, I would GLADLY kill a cat, yes kill it and I mean that not in jest. I never have and most likely never will unless being attacked, but that doesn't stop the desire. I loathe and detest their existence and living with one in my home has only made it worse. They are vile creatures who kill babies, vomit hair and muck and generally cause disruption and displeasure. As they grow older they only get more repugnant and I'd rather kick it then pet it.

  136. I find that those on here defending cats and not understanding serious problems like the australian invasive feral cat issue that has caused the EXTINCTION of several island species (look it up it's real) needs to get a grip. Cats are as worthy as any other animal be it a cow, a pig or a rat and why some people think they are ABOVE other species makes me want to say "Calling the kettle black". If you have a cat you KNOW it can kill. And you need to realize how efficient they are as predators. So to think they're better than other animals and people who "MURDER" (seriously?) cats for fun while ignoring the motive for their killing has everything to do with their predatory destructiveness is being MORE ignorant than the "meanies" who are driven to control these animals.

    And yes the cat lovers on here think the cat haters are ignorant. Well this is a message coming from a big cat lover ashamed that my "fellow" feline lovers are coming off as such big bonafide asshats ignoring what feral cats can and actually do. I do not wish to associate with them because they are a bigger problem than the cats themselves. The cats are actually unlovable innocent victims of the human problem. They just do what nature intended them to do and that's not to be a cuddly pet, but a highly efficient mouser. It's a shame really that they are stuck with the exact people who cause more problems for their species as a whole than ammend it.

    People are blind to the fact that cats ARE destructive predators because they are opportunistic and VERY efficient. They anthropomorphize the issue and paint all who control the animals as bad and that all who LOVE cats as good.

    Whatever YOU think, the best thing you can do is keep your house cat indoors, spay/neuter them, and don't friggen let them loose in your neighbors yard. if your cat gets poisoned or drugged because you didn't keep tabs on it, YOUR damn fault. You only have YOURSELF to blame because you're too blind to see the problems this predator can cause. Rather than blaming the human race for being so cruel and mean, see the cat as how nature designed them more or less to be: cold, calculating, opportunistic killers. And then realize that YOU choose to keep one under YOUR watch and are therefore going to be responsible for its well being.

    Cats, unlike dogs, NEVER had that predatory initiative completely bred out of them. Remember that.

    1. And here is the feral cat problem in the states.

      It's real and astunningly dangerous to everyone including the cat.

    2. And lastly this is to ANYONE who says cats are lousy hunters.

  137. "what sucks more, a cat's claws or a human with a gun? Think about it."

    I have thought about it. Me (a human) with my gun (306 high powered rifle with scope) have yet to lose a battle against a cat with claws. No cat stands a chance. I thought that would be fairly obvious, especially to a man with good grammar.

  138. I saw a dead cat by a railroad track. It was decapitated, I thought that was the bees knees!! Then I found a stray cat and tied it to a tree in the back of my neighbors yard. They own a nasty pit bull that they keep in the back. Don't know what happened there, but I like to think about it!!! Oh yes...I hate cats.

  139. Did all of these people really have an argument for a solid year over cats?

  140. People who hate cats are ignorant, selfish and stupid

  141. I hate domestic cats, and think they should be banned. In the UK they are responsible for killing 29 million wild birds a year (let alone the other taxonomic groups that they prey upon). They are out breeding with the Scottish wild cat (the UK's only extant natural wild cat species) driving them to extinction. And a years carbon footprint of having a pet cat is the equivalent of driving a VW Golf for a year.

  142. I hate domestic cats, and think they should be banned. In the UK they are responsible for killing 29 million wild birds a year (let alone the other taxonomic groups that they prey upon). They are out breeding with the Scottish wild cat (the UK's only extant natural wild cat species) driving them to extinction. And a years carbon footprint of having a pet cat is the equivalent of driving a VW Golf for a year.

  143. i hate the smug little creatures and would love to douse a few with gasoline and light them on fire.

    the cocky little fur balls, it would be fun to watch one walking on some kind of railing at the top of a building or something.... with its cocky little walk, and then pushing it off the railing so it would fall 40 feet and splatter all over the concrete.

    another fantasy i have is to get a meowing, complaining, cocky cat. an extra cocky one. take it to the woods and pump it full of rounds from a shotgun.

    ok i was going to quit but i had one more i just had to post. i hate the little annoying creatures so much. how about this one. poison an annoying cocky cat. an extra cocky and annoying one. then let it get sick so it suffers. but, before it dies, go up into an airplane like you are sky diving and throw the little worthless creature out the door of the plane. that way the devil creature suffers from the poison but gets to be splattered all over earth also. more torture of cats = more happy thoughts.

  144. i would love to light a cat on fire

  145. I don't like cats either. I hate them....
    My encounters with cats have been awful. They hiss at me out of the blue, mind you I've done NOTHING to the stupid thing. I've gotten attacked, scratched, bitten. They don't show love like dogs do. I prefer a dog that let's me pet it alllllll day long, wants to play all the time and will keep me safe if I'm in danger. A small animal such as a mean cold cat won't that. Dogs are better, always will be better and if all cats became extinct? I'd be ok with that.

    1. Well that is intriguing because I have never been attacked or bitten etc.. Perhaps you are doing something wrong, Maybe it is to do with your attitude? For a cat to attack he has to provoked so you are provoking cats. Wrong. Try a more gentle sensible approach.

  146. You dipshit. This drawing is a tongue-in-cheek humor piece by someone who likes cats, but poking a little fun at them. I mean, come on, "floppy" as a reason to hate them?

    1. I don't think this was a joke. Look at the comments from other people who hate cats just as much.

  147. I love how people say cats kill birds and other mammals. Well, so do dogs and humans but I don't see you demeaning dogs and humans.

    1. Good point. The cat is a convenient scapegoat and quite a lot of people hate cats including bird conservationists and idiots with rifles.

  148. Cats r not cool. Cats are extinct now thanks 2 u guys

  149. Hi, this is another little bit of information. At the top of the article, it is claimed that cats don't save people. This is wrong too as you will see videos on YouTube of cats saving people! In one instance a cat saved a child from a dog attack and in another the cat saved a baby from falling down stairs.


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