Thursday 10 July 2008

Cat Urine Smell Outside

This cat moved home (the person keeping her thinks), because she was uncomfortable living with a dog and her bullying mother. This is just a nice photo and not that relevant to the post. Photo by by CaptPiper - creative commons license.

Cat Urine Smell Outside is a search term, a keyword, although a modest one, but why is it a term that is searched for? I am honestly not sure why Google is being employed to search for this term.

If you have a cat urine smell outside, you've got cat urine outside or something that smells very much like it.

We'll assume that a person who smells cat urine has got it right and that it is urine. I'll also assume that it is outside the house or apartment/flat and quite close to the house or apartment.

So, we have cat urine smell just outside the home. If the person who has smelt it has a cat it could be that the cat has gone to the toilet just outside the home. This is quite likely to happen in an outdoor cat but it can be hard to smell cat urine on the ground and covered up.

So, it is more likely to be an uneutered tom cat that is spraying to mark his territory. He may have smelled the person's cat and is leaving a "marker" in reaction for the cat to say that this is his territory.

Tom cats (male cats) mark their territory by spraying urine backwards onto vertical objects that mark the area of their territory. They are particularly inclined to jet the urine against these objects if another cat has has sprayed his urine there beforehand.

A cat smelling the urine will learn from it. He can tell which cat has passed this way before and how long ago. It is a very efficient form of communication based on the efficient nose of the domestic cat. From the smell the cat can tell a lot about the cat who did the spraying.

In short, spraying is a form of cat communication. Smell is a form of communication for the cat. cat urine smell outside is probably due to this. It is best to simply accept it. The smell will fade and the "problem" go away.

You might like to think about the outside movements of your cat if she/he goes outside as there may (although unlikely) be a cat fight in which he is involved.

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  1. The reason that I searched for this was because we have no cats and there was a strong smell of cat urine all around Prescott, Wi and Hastings, Mn. I was thinking it could have been a type of blossum. Try to think outside the box. Not all things should be be-littled.

  2. You are an idiot! If I wanted to just get used to the smell I wouldn't have searched for how to eliminate the odor. Like the poster said before... think outside the box!!!

  3. My cats NEVER go outside and I have only seen 2 cats outside in 5 years. One is now inside and the other looked healthy outside-maybe an indoor/outdoor kitty. However, my sister says the smell is not new--noticeable in my previous house but she never told me. The smell is coming from inside the house. 22 cats have saturated the carpet (I didn't know not to put cats with carpet). Is that likely where the smell comes from? Would removing the carpet help the smell? I know there are spots in the under flooring but not how many. If I drown the plywood with urine smell remover, will the cats leave it alone? Lots of disposable litter boxes, cleaned frequently, and replaced every 5 days. (There's probably no hope for Punkin).


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