Sunday 27 July 2008

How to clean cat pee

photo by ncfc0721

How to clean cat pee is probably one of the single biggest topics of conversation in relation to cats on the internet. The couple of times I have had to clean cat pee the cause was my fault on both occasions. On one occasion I was traveling in the car with my cat between my place and my girlfriend's place. I left my cat in the cat basket as we traveled; it is an open type basket. Because of the stress she peed and some of it got out onto the car seat. The other time she was stressed because she was left alone while I worked. Of course I came back each evening and so on but I had recently moved to a new place and I think this combination caused stress that led to Cystitis which in turn led to peeing small amounts outside the cat litter due the urge to go. Although sometimes she peed in the shower or bath (very thoughtful of her I thought).

How to clean cat pee was something I had to learn because ordinary water and soap etc. is pretty ineffective. I threw everything bar the kitchen sink at the car seat and the odor came back. But a committed approach with the correct chemical cleaner works to get rid of it.

We should not blame a cat for peeing outside the litter. If she/he is doing this it is probably due to an illness, as mentioned above, or lack of training or poor litter management by the person or stress caused by the person's environment etc. There are a host of human reasons for why you may have to learn how to clean cat pee. There is an underlying reason too, which we tend to forget. The domestic cat is a domesticated wildcat in many ways even after thousands of years of domestication. Such animals don't naturally live inside apartments or a house with delicate furniture and carpets. Cats don't place a value on possessions as we do. They have their own ways and reasons. We need to always respect their ways and not impose our ways on them. We simply need to manage the living arrangements if we decide to keep cats.

I have made a longish post on the subject of how to clean cat pee, which explains why it is difficult to clean and why specialist cleaners are effective. The post is called:

Eliminate Cat Urine Odor

The photo is published under a creative commons license. These kittens are cute but to be honest I am not sure that they should have been born. They are not purebred cats and there are already far too many non purebred cats in the world. See feral cats.

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