Sunday 6 July 2008

Anthropomorphic cat art

Just so we are all clear (including me) anthropomorphic cat art means art in which cats are portrayed as humans (i.e. a cat is given human characteristics and this is used for the basis for the creation of art).

And by far the best place (for me at least) to find this kind of art is the well known website, deviantART.

I spent about 40 minutes (there is so much it doesn't take long to find good stuff) trawling through the
anthropomorphic cat art sections of deviantART and came up with these, which is a small selection. One factor in the selection is that some of the artists allow downloads and some allow hot links etc. It is these I am able to reproduce here:

The Cats Good Life by *asemo on deviantART

This artist created this around the fictional premise that cats were on two legs and in disrespecting the Gods they were made to walk on four legs.


Anthropomorphic cat art
Image © Leona Preston 2007

I actually like this image a lot for the reason that this cat/person seems to have life and character and for me there seems to be some pain . Maybe because the character portrayed is a 18th Century Midshipman of the Royal Navy. This was a hard life and a relatively short life by modern standards. The picture is of a 5" sculpture from different angles.


I'm O'Malley the Alley Cat by ~PoisonApple88 on deviantART

What is this about? I think it is inspired by the Disney cartoon film


Anthropomorphic cat art
Vermeer goes furry as the artist says - image is copyright ~ImmortalSilver

This is a take on the "Girl with a Pearl Earring" painting. There is a 2003 film by the same title starring Scarlett Johansson. The film is about the painting of the painting and this one above is Anthropomorphic cat art based on the painting!


You can see a bit of the Anthropomorphic cat art of Louis Wain as I have used one of his drawings to illustrate how a Siamese cat looked in 1987 (go to Siamese cat history). Louis Wain was known for his cartoon characters of cats.

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