Wednesday 4 August 2021

Warble extracted from kitten's nose. Horrible but fascinating.

Unpleasant but interesting if you are in the mood. I can't watch it.

'Gigantic pulsating parasite extracted from 8-week-old kitten'. That is the title to this mega-successful video from Newsflare. Why are people so fascinated with the grizzly and horrible? Answer: the same reason people are attracted to horror flicks and violence and voyeuristic peep shows (of the past). It is human nature and not a great part of human nature. The warble is a Cuterebra botfly larva. 

It seems to me that the larvae has backward pointing spines to help it burrow through the tissue of a living animal.

Larval stage of Gasterophilus intestinalis
Larval stage of Gasterophilus intestinalis. This is the horse botfy.

They are a.k.a warble flies, heel flies, and gadflies. They deposit eggs on a host, in this case a kitten, and the larvae burrow under the skin into the animal where they develop. They hatch and become adults. It is part of their parasitic lifecycle. Would the world be a better place without parasites? They are everywhere. God couldn't have made the earth. It is too messed up.

Here is another picture of a warble. This time in a dog's leg. Horror:

Warble in dog's leg
Warble in dog's leg. Image in public domain.

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