Saturday 14 August 2021

Max Verstappen lives with two cats and they interfere with his simulated race

Well, the Formula One racing blog websites tell me some good news which is that Max Verstappen lives with a couple of cats that he calls Jimmy and Sassy. Max Verstappen has been in the news lately when he was allegedly pushed off the track by Lewis Hamilton and ended up in hospital for checks but he was all right. And he wasn't pushed off the track by Lewis Hamilton either in my opinion but that is another story.

Max Verstappen is in good spirits and he was taking part in 24 Hours of Spa sim race (simulated race). I think Max likes to lock his cats into another part of his home, which appears to be huge, while taking part in this sort of race.

I'm going to presume that a 'sim race' as it is called is one which is played online from your home and is entirely simulated. This allowed his cats Jimmy and Sassy to get into the room where he was driving. He said:

"I'm having some technical issues here; the cats are running through the sim. I hope the cat doesn't jump behind my brake pedal because it will become a pancake."

He suggested some alternative names for his cats such as Lewis and Toto indicating that he has not lost his sense of humour after the accident. You can see the sim race below in the YouTube video. Please note, however, that sometimes these YouTube videos disappear because of various reasons and if that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

Lewis Hamilton prefers dogs just to add a little spice to the feud between them. Max lives in Monaco. He talks some more about cats and dogs in the video as I understand it. He also said:

"I live on eight floors with my pets. So, then I have to close the balcony, because they don't know it's a long way down. So, then I have to step in."

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