Tuesday 17 August 2021

Did Elvis Presley ever live with a domestic cat?

There is no record of Elvis Presley living with a domestic cat companion. That bold statement is based on reading a page on Elvis's love of animals and the pets that he had throughout his life. 

Fake Elvis picture with white cat. This is actually Marlon Brando with his white cat with Elvis's head stuck on
Fake Elvis picture with white cat. This is actually Marlon Brando with his white cat with Elvis's head stuck on. This sort of proves that he did not have a cat.


I think that if he did live with a cat or cats, it would have been mentioned on the Graceland page (official website) as it is quite comprehensive. Although they do admit that they can't list every animal that he lived with.

Elvis Presley and Sweet Pea October 18 1956
Elvis Presley and Sweet Pea October 18 1956. Image in the public domain.

They do say though that he loved animals of all kinds and that he had many pets during his lifetime. It seems that he loved horses perhaps more than other animals and dogs probably feature in the top two sorts of domestic animal that he preferred.

He lived with a number of dogs including a basset hound named Sherlock, a couple of great Danes and a Pomeranian. Another dog he lived with called Get Lo developed kidney disease. He had his dog flown to Boston for treatment where he stayed for three months and then his aircraft picked him up and brought him home. Despite his best efforts Get Lo died.

As to horses, his favourite horses included a golden palomino Quarter Horse named Rising Sun and a Tennessee Walking Horse named Bear.

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He was given a squirrel monkey for Christmas in 1966 by the Lewis family who were devoted fans. They bought the monkey at the Katz Drugstore and named it Bambi. The Lewis family spent a lot of time at the front gates of Graceland and eventually they became friendly with Elvis. Mr Lewis ended up working for Elvis as a gate guard. Elvis and Priscilla loved Bambi.

When he purchased Graceland in 1957 it came with 13.8 acres of land. This allowed him to have a little farm in which there were chickens, a turkey and some hogs. He smoked and cured pork in the old pump house.

He was given some donkeys which he put in an empty swimming pool that was under construction because the delegated fenced area was not ready.

However, no mention of cats. That does not mean he never lived with one but it seems likely that he didn't.

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