Saturday 21 August 2021

Trailer park woman throws ex-boyfriend's cat in a carrier into a river

NEWS AND COMMENT - VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA, USA: Christina Thistle, 53, lives in a mobile home in Oak Hill. It seems that her then boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend, was staying in her mobile home. They argued because she wanted him out and he wasn't getting out fast enough. The argument escalated. It appears that he was getting ready to leave as his cat as in a carrier. His cat is 9-month's old and he's called Stanley.

Thistle on animal cruelty charge
Thistle on animal cruelty charge. Photo: WKMG ClickOrlando.

She grabbed the carrier and threw it into the nearby Intercoastal Waterway. He jumped in after it and rescued Stanley. When the police arrived, he was wet and drying Stanley with a towel. Comment: how did she get as far as the river to throw Stanly in? Where was the owner at that time?

Thistle denies throwing him into the river. Despite that she was arrested for animal cruelty. Thistle demanded to be taken to jail. She said she would be released on bond and then murder her ex-boyfriend.

She has a record of domestic violence. She faces a charge of assault (on her ex.).

Comment: If proven, and it looks like it will be, the animal cruelty charge is correct and she should be convicted and fined. I don't think she'll be imprisoned for it. The police may even let her off with a warning. That's to do with the fact that it is 'only a cat'. 

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