Saturday 7 August 2021

Picture of a young woman and the 20-year-old cat she adopted so he wouldn't die alone

This is a picture, on Twitter, of a young woman who decided to adopt a 20-year-old cat so that he would not die alone. Her actions and the picture are inspirational. Other people on Twitter who have seen the photograph have been inspired to do the same thing. I have always said that if you adopt the unadoptable cats, you are invariably rewarded and of course always the cat.
"I love this! She inspired me to do the same the next time I get a cat! I have two now which is all I can handle." - Tiffany Davidson.
Picture of a young woman who adopted a 20-year-old cat so he wouldn't die alone
Picture of a young woman who adopted a 20-year-old cat so he wouldn't die alone

I don't know who took the photo, probably a shelter employee. The cat has fur shaved from their left foreleg. He must have been through medical treatment, probably linked to his age. It was probably known that he was dying because of the illness.

This kind of adoption does go against the grain. Although I have seen other instances of people adopting elderly rescue cats in shelters or even a couple of elderly cats at shelters for the same reason. These people walk into the shelter and they want to adopt the least adoptable cats there. They specify that. It is exactly the way things should be. It saves lives in a very dramatic and direct way.

There is always someone there for the kittens. They will always find homes. But the elderly black cats and the less attractive cats are left on the shelf until people like this young woman come along. It is a beautiful photograph which is exactly why it is inspirational.

It was taken during the coronavirus pandemic which is why the lady is wearing a mask. That is obvious but in five years' time if this website is still in existence, people might ask questions about that mask. You may know that there has been a big increase in both America and in the UK of rescue cat adoptions during Covid. 


Dogs have also been adopted more frequently from shelters. However, most commonly dogs have been purchased from breeders and in the UK sometimes from pet shops who are supplied by puppy mills on continental Europe. Not a good thing to happen but demand surged.

It isn't only elderly people who should adopt elderly cats. But if you are elderly think about it. You'll be a good caretaker because you're likely to be there for your cat all day. And you probably won't have to think about who'll die first. A 20-year-old cat does not normally have more than a year of two at most to live and probably less.

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