Tuesday 24 August 2021

Unique video of a woman being arrested for alleged cat cruelty

NEWS AND COMMENT - FLORIDA, USA: This is a cross-post but I feel I need to do it because I believe that this is a unique video of a woman being arrested for alleged cat cruelty. It appears to have been recorded by a bodycam attached to a police officer who is accompanying another police officer who is in the process of arresting and handcuffing this woman who is aged 53 and whose name is Thistle. The video is courtesy the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Thanks, and well-done in arresting her.

Police arrest and handcuff Florida woman for alleged cat cruelty
Police arrest and handcuff Florida woman for alleged cat cruelty. Screenshot.

She lives in a mobile home on a trailer park in Volusia County, Florida next to a waterway. She used to live with her ex-boyfriend but she allegedly kicked him out of her mobile home and to encourage him to get on with the process of leaving she grabbed his cat who was in a carrier and threw it into a nearby waterway i.e. a river, in effect.


Note: This is a video from another website. Sometimes they are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. If that has happened, I apologise but I have no control over it.

The man who is not named must have dashed out immediately and rescued his cat who was under water for 20 seconds, it is reported. The cat's name is Stanley and he's tabby cat. He was being evaluated by animal services while Mrs Thistle was being held on remand in a local police station jail awaiting bail. She wanted somebody to put up a bond so she could be released and kill her ex-boyfriend! That's my understanding of it. It was an act of belligerence when she told the police officer that she wanted to kill her ex-boyfriend. Before that she grumbled about being arrested because she denied throwing the cat into the waterway.

I think that she will have great difficulty in maintaining that denial because the cat was clearly rescued from the waterway by a boyfriend who was wet from the waist down indicating that the waterway is waste deep. All the evidence is there which if the allegation is proved in court will lead to a conviction and I hope a reasonable punishment. In general, criminal courts under-punish perpetrators of animal cruelty. It is the way of the world because cats are second class citizens.

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