Sunday 29 August 2021

Stupidest video I have had the misfortune to see and a form of cat abuse


What is the effing point of this ridiculous video? It is horrible but thankfully it is short. It is a minor form of cat abuse. The video was made to amuse people. And, ridiculously, some people on YouTube are amused but I'm afraid they are airheads with nothing between the ears. The person who made this video thought he would do something cheap and easy to try and get the attention of people so that he could make a bit of money. It is the usual scenario; abuse a domestic cat to entertain people!

Fortunately, the video is a failure because only 2000 or so people have seen it. You don't make a lot of advertising money with those kinds of numbers. But it is remarkable the number of videos you see on YouTube which are based upon animal abuse. And I have seen a similar video to this one many years ago in which a man yells at his Maine Coon cat to see the reaction. He even called the video "Yelling at Cats" or something like that. It was monstrous, worse than this one. But this one is pretty idiotic as well.


The current rash of YouTube videos in which animals are ostensibly rescued but which are in fact entirely fake is not mild animal abuse but gross animal abuse. People are putting animals in great danger and then supposedly rescuing them while videoing the whole thing. These videos get a lot of views and these people do make money which encourages them to do more of the same thing. And the great shame of this is that the administrators of YouTube do nothing about it or if they do something about it, it is not enough.

It is truly time that social media stopped people abusing animals in order to garner views and celebrity. The trouble is that social media is out of control. The administrators simply don't have the number of people and the resources to monitor the millions of videos which are uploaded weekly or even daily. I don't know how many but it is an enormous number.

And this particular video has been shared amongst other platforms such as Buzz Videos. And Viral Hog should not have put this video on their YouTube channel. Where are the ethics? What is the matter with the administrators and managers of these companies?

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