Thursday 5 August 2021

Put pretty, androgenous Korean boys with pretty, popular cats and you get this

If you Google "cats" on Twitter you are invariably flooded with a plethora of pictures of pretty, androgenous Korean boys and cats. The boys are always smiling, clearly jovial and happy while someone else films them so that they can post the video on Twitter to bore their fans. I'm being cynical and sarcastic. 

But we see an awful lot of these sorts of images and I think the producers of these videos and still photos somewhat cynically join together two popular aspects of entertainment namely pretty boy bands from South Korea (if that is what they are because I'm guessing) and beautiful domestic cats. 

It's a great combination for young women and teenage girls. I guess these images and videos are exclusively targeted at young women and girls. Arguably it's an exploitation of the cat but it is so mildly done and inconsequential that I don't think anybody could criticise anybody for these images.

Put a pretty boy with a pretty cat and you get this
Put a pretty boy with a pretty cat and you get this. Image: Twitter.

I can't deduce anything from this Twitter tweet other than it is what it is. It's a form of entertainment and publicity. The boy band wants to publicise their presence. I am sure that boy bands are very competitive. They are created by producers who put together a band of attractive, androgenous boys as a product to sell to the public. They have a shortish lifespan. They are transient.

A cat or two has been added in this one to spice up the image of the band. Two of the photos show a Scottish Fold, a cat breed that I have said should not be created for health reasons. Taylor Swift made the Scottish Fold popular. I am afraid that she made a mistake. She has a huge number of followers on her Instagram (166m) and Twitter feeds (88.5m). Therefore, what she does has great influence among youths who are easily influenced.

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