Friday 13 August 2021

Singapore resident blocks access to HDB apartments with barricade and sign "NO CATS ALLOWED!"

SINGAPORE NEWS AND COMMENT: In Singapore a high percentage of residents live in blocks of flats owned and managed by the authorities called the Housing Development Board. They obviously have access points for the residents. One resident, clearly frustrated with stray cats defecating and urinating in common areas (as she/he saw it) decided to take the matter into her own hands by placing a home-made barrier using various items across the access point and attached a sign saying NO CATS ALLOWED!

The photo comes from the Stomper website hence the embossed wording.

Singapore resident blocks of access to apartments with sign "NO CATS ALLOWED!"
Singapore resident blocks of access to apartments with sign "NO CATS ALLOWED!". Source: Stomper.

He or she had to take the barricade down because it's obviously against the terms of the lease. She was asked to take it down by the authorities and she complied. The authorities say that they routinely clean common parts on a daily basis to 'remove any urination and defecation found in common areas' to use their words.

It is a snippet of Singapore life where they do have community cats which are either liked or loathed it seems to me. They do seem to polarise people as they do in the West. The answer to them is the same answer that you apply to any country and any place: education, to ensure that all domestic cats are spayed and neutered and properly cared for. That they are not abandoned at any time or under any circumstances and that proper TNR programs are managed throughout Singapore supported by the state. That would be my solution. I understand this person's frustration but it appears to have been more a statement rather than a functional effort to stop cats coming into the common areas of this block of flats.

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