Thursday 19 August 2021

This cat always tries to steal food

This cat always tries to steal food. He is totally obsessed. Behavior or medical reasons? 

Cat obsessed with food and he steals it all the time.
Cat obsessed with food and he steals it all the time. Screenshot.

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You decide why!? It is probably due to a bad experience at getting food in early life. What about being outmanoeuvred when at his mother's nipple trying to get some milk? That may just be a possibility. Although when newborn kittens are at their mother's nipple, they effectively allocate each other a certain nipple to stop competition between them as this helps them all to survive and progress to weaning. I think though in this case something went wrong and he didn't have a nipple, felt left out, felt hungry and ever since he's been like this! Read about how cats wean their kittens.

There may be a medical reason for the food obsession such as parasite infestations, diabetes, and thyroid conditions but this cat looks healthy and normal except for his obsession to eat. I lean towards a mental health issue rather than a physical health problem and I also lean towards a kitten issue as mentioned.

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