Saturday 21 August 2021

Can you feel that the world is going wrong?

Are you like me, can you feel that the world is going wrong or to put it another way becoming destabilised? I think a lot of people feel this way. I also believe that a major factor in this destabilisation is global warming. I'll explain my thinking.

Everybody is predisposed to fear. I think most people are frightened to varying degrees a lot of the time. Sometimes fear is subdued to the point where it is almost invisible but it is always there. So, bearing in mind that background fear in humankind, people have become particularly fearful now that they realise that they are destroying their planet, their home, through global warming. Climate change is potentially incredibly serious. It is the destruction of humankind in the worst-case scenario.

"We now have no alternative – we have to do all we possibly can in the short time left to us to avoid the enormous climate catastrophe that has already begun to show its face in the most terrifying ways, most recently in the Mediterranean,” - Prince Charles (Daily Mail). 
Note the use of the word 'terrifying'. Climate change is making people fearful.

Can you feel that the world is going wrong?
Can you feel that the world is going wrong?

People can foresee the possible destruction of humankind through their careless behaviour. That is a powerful feeling which is bound to impact behaviour. And I think it is, right now. It is making people more desperate and more selfish. Selfishness or self-interest is a destabiliser in any case. It breaks cohesion. If one country is acting very selfishly while disregarding the interests of other nations, and the planet as a whole, it destabilises the world. I'm talking about China predominantly.

I believe that when people foresee the possible end of humankind through climate change it insidiously gets into their heads and affects their emotional state. As mentioned, I think it makes people more selfish. It makes people spend more and become more reckless. It is living for the moment which is also destabilising.

And in the UK, the police have lost control. This too is destabilising. UK citizens are on their own when it comes to protecting their property and finding justice. The lack of law enforcement is certainly a factor in feeding fear in individuals. Law enforcement the world over is generally poor. In the US the police have become SWAT teams. Or they are bent. They nearly always get away with criminal behavior. Poor law enforcement leads citizens into believing that they are alone; another destabilising emotional state.

Climate change is feeding into mass emigration. As the hot countries become hotter, they become less tolerable. People move to northern countries. 

And as people have more fear it is more likely that there will be conflict which also feeds into mass emigration because in countries where there is conflict life is intolerable. And so, people move to countries where there is more stability.

But mass emigration which is often illegal, but accepted because they are deemed to be refugees, also destabilises the world. It would be far better if the countries from which people emigrated were improved in terms of standard of living, the quality of governments et cetera. Far better for people to stay where they live and improve the country rather than run to other countries. The whole process is destabilising.

And China is going its own way and in doing so disregarding international opinion which is heading towards conflict. The thought of a large conflict in the not-too-distant future is also destabilising.

The Afghanistan problem which the world is currently going through is another destabilising influence. It shows a failure in the West. Perhaps some countries look to America to stabilise the world but they've failed. They can't do it anymore. They can't be relied upon anymore.

At the root of all these issues is the mentality of humankind and if that becomes more fragile and more fearful it feeds into destabilising behaviour and the world goes wrong. 

What has this got to do with cats? What affects us affects our cats. Everything to do with cat welfare becomes irrelevant if the planet can no longer support life.

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