Tuesday 3 August 2021

Macho baseball players can't catch a cat on their field of play

A cat caught in a baseball stadium is finally caught
A cat caught in a baseball stadium is finally caught. Screenshot.

YANKEE STADIUM, NEW YORK CITY - COMMENT: The video provokes two opposite emotions: concern and hilarity. I'm in the former camp because when I see this video of a stray cat trapped inside a baseball ground, trying to get out, I feel for the cat. The players and spectators are amused. Some of them laugh. I understand completely because that is the conventional response.

Tabby cat evades capture at baseball ground
Tabby cat evades capture at baseball ground. Screenshot.

But I see a frightened cat trying to get away from strange people. It is, in fact, quite a dangerous moment for this cat. He or she could have been harmed. I don't know the outcome. Judging by the celebrations of the players at the end of the video we have to presume that the cat was caught. We don't know the outcome from thereon however. What happened to the cat? Was he taken to the outside where he might be able to return to his home if he has one? This should not happen but it is no big deal as long as the cat was unharmed.

The video will disappear in due course as they nearly always do. If that has happened, I am sorry but I can't control it as the server holding the video is not within my control.

The comments to the video on Facebook are in those two camps: amusement and concern. On the amusement side there are people questioning why so many people could not catch a cat. On the concerned side there are cat lovers saying that the cat is terrified and sarcastically saying "I'm glad everyone found terrifying a small helpless creature so amusing."

Cats trapped on baseball grounds seem to be a feature of the game of baseball. I have seen quite a few of them. Perhaps something should be done to ensure that cats are not able to get into these grounds. It may be the case that cats are attracted to these places because there is food. Somebody might be feeding them. Somebody who is in the catering business.

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