Thursday 31 May 2012

Purina Pet Treats Made In China Killing Dogs

There are several reasons I chose to write about Purina® pet treats made in China killing dogs. First of all, many of us cat lovers also have dogs. And if we have dogs, there's a chance our cats may get a hold of one of these treats.

Photo by Nestlé (on Flickr)
The products being investigated by the FDA are Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats. Both products are made in China for the Nestle Purina® company. The FDA has now logged more than 900 complaints from owners whose dogs have gotten sick or died after eating these treats. Most were diagnosed with kidney failure.

Dog owners should be warned as these products haven't undergone an official recall and are still on the shelves at retailers across America. Readers, keep in mind that just because a product is available for sale it doesn't mean it's safe!

Another reason I'm writing on this issue as it brings to mind an article I wrote last year about Purina One® cat food. Its at While no mandatory recall has been made, comments continue to trickle in on this article from cat owners whose cats have become ill or died after eating Purina® products.

Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea and fever. This leads to kidney failure and death for the dog or cat eating the Purina® product.

This has been going on for several years. The same holds true with Purina Beneful Dog Food. Symptoms from eating the tainted dog food (it sometimes has a mold like growth on it) are glazed eyes, weakness, white gums, lack of appetite and loss of control of bodily functions. This information has been verified by on

Although the symptoms are totally different for the Purina One® cat food than for the Purina dog foods, Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch dog treats, I would use caution before feeding any Purina products.

Purina has stated they consider the safety of their dog and cat foods as their top priority, yet the cases continue to mount and neither the FDA nor Nestle Purina is doing much about it other than taking down information and testing samples. I'm not sure how many deaths it will take before a recall is issued. If it's your pet, then it's one to many.

Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, recently blasted the head of the FDA over the situation back in April of 2012. Brown criticized Dr. Margaret Hamburg at a Senate Appropriations hearing over the concern Chinese made treats were tainted yet allowed to remain on store shelves.

Until the FDA has found the cause as to why so many pets are dying, dog and cat owners both need to be vigilant about the food they feed their pets, as well as any treats. If you plan on changing pet food brands, do a little Internet research and be sure there are no health concerns linked with the food you plan to feed your pet.

If any of you have experienced any health problems with any brand of pet food or any treats, please be kind enough to give everyone a first hand account of your experience. You could be saving a life.


  1. I would like to know what chemical is in the food that is killing dogs. China has an appalling reputation for corruption in pet food and pet drug manufacture. If you could tell a product contains ingredients made in China I would run a mile from it.


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